Wanted or Needed: A Question of Violence

As Ethan Moses looks ahead to his move from America to Germany, he evaluates how differing censorship laws may affect his gameplay habits.

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a_squirrel2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

I think it's perfectly okay, but developers can't just overdo it either.
[I'd exclude a lot of games simply because with-out it, the game will feel empty. Example: God of War. I was literally gripping my seat as I watched Apollo's head get ripped off. BUT! If you have watched the Legend of Korra, you know that you don't need excessive gore or, lack of clothes for something to be exciting or gripping. Well, it is for me! *laughs*]

I think the writer agrees:
"That being said, I don’t really have an issue with gratuitous sex/nudity or violence and gore, but I do have my limits."

310dodo2166d ago

I dont have kids. But I do have little brothers.
I'd say the furthest violence I like for them is Fallout 3.
which is pretty brutal. but at least you have a Choice in the matter.

Im not a prude but anything more then exploding eyes and brains of FO3 is kinda overkill. IMO

banjadude2166d ago


Heavy Rain: The finger cutting part... OH DEAR LORD... I had to look away from the screen to do all those prompts.
Believe me, I've seen A LOT OF violent things over the years (not just in gaming) but that part... wow, that just blew my mind.