Focus on PS Vita Remote Play Sony, before attacking Wii U Gamepad

Cross platform is a hot topic at the moment for gamers and if you are thinking of picking up the Nintendo Wii U, you could also argue that the nifty touchscreen controller acts like a separate device, allowing for Wii U gameplay on the go.

The PS Vita on the other hand is just getting its feet off the ground and is finally starting to deliver on Sony’s initial promises of cross-platform game support via the PS3. If you think for a minute, what the comparison purposes are between the Vita and the Wii U touchscreen pad, you are probably thinking that its a bit of a pointless discussion – but Sony apparently doesn’t.

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Haha1232133d ago

Lol vita lineup at e3...just lol

TheGamingArt2133d ago

I'm sorry, it still has quite a bit of strong games coming this way. I love it.... and the WiiU line up is ridiculously lack luster.

PersonaCat2133d ago

If you're talking about e3 conference I agree, but if you mean E3 as a whole? You look pretty dumb :/

ChiVoLok02132d ago

Lol at Wii U and Vita line up... just lol?

live2play2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

if by "allowing gameplay on the go" you mean a few feet from the console then i guess you could say its a mobile device...

see here is the thing to get vita ps3 connection (lets say for allstars) you need
ps3 300
psvita 250
ps3 game 60
psvita game 40
thats $650+

the wiiu will only be like 300-350

not every ps3 owner will have a psvita and vise versa

im pretty sure the vita can do about the same a gamepad can but developers wont take big risks making a game that uses the two exclusively

and first of all why are you comparing a REMOTE with a gaming HANDHELD?

corrus2133d ago

Why not counting and games in one game from Nintendo stupid games is 100$

Yodagamer2133d ago

Did you not read this on the front page "Official pricing and release date have not been announced by the publisher. These are estimates only and subject to change. Pre-orders will be covered by the pre-order price guarantee and only be charged the lowest price available during the date the order was placed and the final release date."

--Onilink--2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

thats your idea of arguing with him?? linking to an amazon page with a placeholder price..

Summons752133d ago

>.> yes because that will be the realistic price of the actual game and not just a place holder...good logic there bud

Tommykrem2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

Not really an attempt at a fair comparison. First of all, in many cases you will only need one game and it will work on both systems. Also, the Wii U will need a game, so it ends up being about 600 v 350 - 400. Of course, I agree Wii U is a better purchase if you only want local remote play technology. It'll probably have better support for it too.

And lastly, the reason they compare a controller to a handheld is because the handheld can function as a controller and the controller can function as a handheld. With varying results both ways.

--Onilink--2133d ago

have they shown the vita working alonside the TV screen beyond a normal controller? like the whole showing diferent things, or interact with the part on the screen by doing something on the vita?

because so far all i have seen is the video on the vita instead of the screen, and regular controller function, and thats good, but not really competing with what the WiiU can do

Tommykrem2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

Have they shown the Wii U being used online? As I said with "varying results both ways". They're similar, not identical. I also believe I said "and the handheld can function as controller" without really creditting the Vita of much more in that regard, so I don't really see how that's really a reply.

--Onilink--2133d ago

you're a bit paranoid, you know that?... im literally asking a question, there is no profound hidden meaning, i've only seen the Vita used as a regular controller, or to stream the image from the TV to the Vita, which is just a very small part of what the WiiU can do.

So i asked the question to know if they have shown some other things, because otherwise i dont even see the relevance in comparing the 2 things

Tommykrem2133d ago

I am aware that you're asking questions, it just seems weird to direct those questions at me, given that there's so little in your questions relating to what I actually said.

Most of my reply was therefore directed at the last part of your question. Which, again, seems like a bit of a miss.

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Jihaad_cpt2133d ago

300 - 350 for WiiU, where did you get that price from your bum or your thumb?

GribbleGrunger2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

just something knocked up by a LBP creator with the new DLC coming to LBP2:

a general overview of what Vita was designed to do. listen carefully:

I don't understand why people get upset and this. if gamers embrace this type of interaction it benefits both companies

WeskerChildReborned2133d ago

It would just be more simple just to own a Wii U.

Machioto2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

&cacl the ps3 cost $250 and i'm pretty sure certain titles you would only have to purchase once,plus the vita has hardware inside unlike the wiiu game pad so it shouldn't taxed ps3 to much and dev worries would be on the software side of things.

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Fishy Fingers2133d ago

Remote play is all but an unsupported feature. It's wasted resources from a (3rd party) developers point of view.

How many PS3 owners have a Vita <5% maybe.

Sanquine902133d ago

Vita you can take on the go! Huge plus. I have to cook every day ( living together with girlfriend). When the patotoes are on the fire i can play on my vita.

Tyre2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

Exactly, lets us stream ALL PS3 games to the Vita, there are youtube vids that show that it IS possible only Sony didn't unlock it...WHY? That's just BS, i've seen people streaming GTA4/Killzone3/Red Dead Redemption all to their PSVIta. It would make sales skyrocket if Sony just unlocked it? Stop the jiving Sony and unlock the feature. It would trump the WiiU if this feature was unlocked. We've bought the games already so why are we not able to stream them to the PSVita?
It is already possible just not enabled. People just check the vids on is already possible and games do not have to be specially developed for the feature.

Ck1x2133d ago

No way man! I'm sure that ps3 can stream communications and gameplay to Vita once it connects. But it can't do it on the fly though! There was a video of BF3 streaming from ps3 to the vita and it took nearly 30 Seconds to make a connection. So how is this trumping WiiU when it not only switches back and forth on the fly, but when the controller itself can actually be performing entirely different functions from what is seen on the TV. No other system can offer that and it's why It took Nintendo so long to get it right.

Tyre2133d ago

Why give disagrees? You guys do not want to be able to stream PS3 games to the PSVita????? Don't be stupid...btw the connection shown in the vid is remoteplay via internet...if u make the connection to the PS3 directly it is almost instantly. Check other vids too, and even a connection of 30 secs is not terrible if u CAN play PS3 games via streaming once the connection has been made. It doesn't trump WiiU if that's what u mean...but streaming PS3 games is awesome nonetheless.

ThanatosDMC2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

The problem is we havent seen HQ vids of the Remote Play games. They could just be streaming videos. No one has ever posted a long video of the games and how they play the game looks awkward (aka fake).

Just watch the video of Red Dead Redemption, which is one of the games i want to be playing on my Vita.

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