Zombies: A Genre Immune to Infection

Camine finds promise in the upcoming ZombiU while taking a look at what most other zombie games are missing, dictated by reality:

When I first saw Ubisoft's preview of ZombiU, I was left feeling cold. I wasn't the only one. During The Player Character E3 wrap-up, my peers (three cheers for my peers!) all agreed that zombies are so over. I held my tongue at the time. My indifference to ZombiU came from a different place than zombie burnout. What I'm really tired of is bog-standard games blowing their artistic direction budget on misleadingly evocative trailers. No matter how crappy E3 might have been, a podcast about it was not the time or place to act as a proselytist sentinel on behalf of zombie-kind. My weekly opinion column, on the other hand? This is my world. You just live in it… and not for long!

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RXL2220d ago

i love all the books by Max Brooks..can't wait for the movie World War Z...played every game there is to play..

and i can honestly say im sick of the saturation..

let Zombies die from mainstream..please..

kesvalk2220d ago

uhh, dude... they are already dead...

RXL2220d ago

tell that to hollywood and the video game industry..

apparently they're alive and thriving..

Reverent2220d ago

Thanks to constant milking of the genre. I miss the "Dawn of the Dead" and "28 Days Later" zombie age.

kesvalk2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

indeed it does...

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )


(no thanks)