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TheLeapist2132d ago

20 bucks says that doesn't end up being the actual final box art.

MattyG2131d ago

it probably will be actually. They almost always have COD box art finalized when they announce it.

extermin8or2131d ago

I think the writer of that article got confused about the refrence to spec ops missions; he says something about them not doing an actual campaign but I think what the box art means is that the campaign is about different spec ops missions to the ps3 games, I mean black ops 1 was a series of spec ops missions yet it also had a story going on and they were interconnected not just standalone mission either way I do think this actually sounds promising now just to see it in action :p

crazy_gooner2131d ago

I agree with you. Plus the Vita is so powerful, if no campaign or decent online modes are there it's just a spin off and rip off.