Far Cry 3 producer: ‘It’s very, very open world – if you can see it, you can reach it’

Far Cry 3 will not just be a linear shooter, instead incorporating elements of action/adventure and taking place in a very, very open world, with producer Dan Hay saying if you can see something on the island, you can go to it.

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CaptCalvin1889d ago

great. always wanted to goto the moon. or the sun. that'd be my way to go.

PS3Freak1889d ago

LOL so true.

I'm glad to hear it although I wonder... There has to be a boundary somewhere. Whether it's the ocean you can't sail out onto or a tall ass mountain that you can't climb to the top of. Or the moon.

Still, sounds promising to me.

PoSTedUP1889d ago

if you can climb and hide in a frigging tree with your gun drawn i would spend my rent money on another ps3 sleep in my van and play this forever.

neogeo1889d ago

Best news all day. How about filling up a whole bluray to 50gigs and make a open world game that goes on and on.

Kran1889d ago

I see the sky.

*reaches as high as I can*

awww. He lied.

pr0digyZA1888d ago

He didnt say you were superman.

WeskerChildReborned1889d ago

Still skeptical about getting Far Cry 3 because of Far cry 2.

PoSTedUP1889d ago

i liked 2. didn't finish it but the gameplay and graphics were really good imo.

Grimhammer001889d ago

I need convincing....but I'll get it. Who am I kidding.

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