Treyarch VS Dice 2012 / 2013

Neil GaminGuys Says: Today is pretty much the day where all you guys start thinking of christmas... You didn't know that? Well you just have and yeah I got the same shiver myself, half a year has just flown and it's about that time, based on last year, for Dice to start that demoralising chat they kicked off last year.

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topekomsi2222d ago

UHHH dice isn't making this years MoH, Danger Close is (which to me atleast is great news) Dice kinda diiapointed me with Bf3. Now BFBC2 was a-fuggin-mazing.

SonyStyled2222d ago

MoH 2010 was a Dangerclose/Dice effort. thats probably where the author is getting Dice from

Hufandpuf2222d ago

He was mainly talking about the single player, which DICE didn't do, Danger Close did.