Could Microsoft be doing the dirty limbo in a Rain Slick

VVGtv Reports: Above is an image from the AppHub Forums. The AppHub forums usually contain content made from developers who have subscriptions. Only few can actually access certain content. Such as playtesting and peer reviewing. Let me break it down for you. Playtesting is a lot like “TESTING”. Ok we got that one. Peer Review, is a much more tedious part of the AppHub, you could be waiting months until someone passes your game. If your game does indeed fail, the game gets pulled and you have to wait a 7 day period in order to upload your build again. If you fail again, rinse and repeat. But here, the problem is, that it seems that someone had stepped in to make sure the game Rain Slick makes it on time for their debut. Could it be Microsoft making sure the game gets there on time? I mean Microsoft is the only one who really has any pull at all. Who knows, but I do have to say, it feels like a little bit of a low blow to the rest of the AppHub, XBLIG and XNA Community....

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LostDjinn2223d ago

"Could Microsoft be doing the dirty limbo in a Rain Slick"?- I don't know. Last I heard they were doing Rush Limbaugh with use this site. I'll leave that alone and just say the authors' point is, at the very least, possible.

MasterBlud2223d ago

Did you even look at the screenshot. That is directly from the AppHub forums. Is suspicious of unfair play. Just because it's a Penny Arcade Game.