My Five Favorite MMORPGs

"If you’ve read any of my articles, I’ve probably made mention of being a big fan of the MMORPG genre. I can’t exactly put my finger on it, because when I look above my fandom and look at the genre without my rose tinted goggles, I see some very terrible things about them. For all logical reasons, they should give me reason to never want to play them. One could say they are all the same, grinding monsters and quests till you get to the end, and then just doing the same dungeons and what have you over and over to gear up for the next one. One could say that paying a monthly fee is silly for a game you’ve already bought. One could say that the players make up one of the worst fan communities in the nerd world. To the outsider these are probably very true, but for me, I dunno. I feel in my mind I can give counters to each of those statements and I wouldn’t feel bad doing so. It’s an interesting genre for sure, and I’ve played a lot of them, probably at least two thirds of the ones people have heard of. I’ve also played the ones that don’t get much press (Trickster Online anyone?) Well, here are five MMORPG’s that I feel were/are my all time favorites. (So far, I have yet to play the much-hyped Guild Wars 2)."

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RoboRyan2132d ago

Great list. CoH continues to amaze me with how much new content they release.