Why next gen can wait: six cashcows that are genuinely innovating

OXM UK writes: "Publishers might be holding their best tricks back for the next round of console hardware, but the latest sequels are stuffed full of surprises. You don't have to be new IP to push the boundaries/envelope/boat out. Indeed, it's usually safer otherwise."

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Gorilla_Killa_X2130d ago

Innovative? Ehh, tbd. Refreshing change to each series? Definitely!

calibann2129d ago

Resident Evil 6. Crosshair. CROSSHAIR.

spicelicka2129d ago

plz dont mention call of duty plz plzplz

.......o f***

mewhy322129d ago

Well I don't see Call of Duty as innovative by any means. However, there's no denying that it's a money maker. It sells millions and millions on first day and continues to sell strongly right up to the release of the next game. I'd like to see an engine refresh but beyond some lighting tweaks that's unlikely. Why would they spend money on a new engine when the old engine continues to make them a mint from the initial investment? They have a winning formula and everyone is playing catch up. This is good for us, non-Call of Duty fanatics, because it drives the other developers to better their games in an effort to dethrone Call of Duty. Don't get me wrong. I play Call of Duty but I don't run out and purchase EVERY new release. Heck I'd be buying it every year LOL! Let them keep selling the hide off this thing and the other guys will make better and better games for the rest of us.

spicelicka2128d ago

I agree with everything you said, i play call of duty as well but i don't buy it every year. I mostly borrow COD games from friends. The fact that they turned one of my favourite franchises (during cod4 era) into a repetitive cow left a bitter taste in my mouth.

While that's a good point that other games try to innovate to dethrone cod, it also works the other way around cuz most other games just try to imitate cod so they can cash in, when they realize they can't beat it.

I mean the unbalanced perks/unlocks progression system is in every shooter these days which i would say is un-innovative now. It is hit or miss situation though, because if you look at halo 4, that's one of the games totally innovating itself while featuring a few good things similar to cod. A lot of other games, however, have just given in to the standard.

joab7772129d ago

Fable:Journey is the reasoning along with BO2? Why can't next Gen continue innovation? It can. It is time despite some of the great games that r coming, including all that Sony and ubisoft have going on. It is time.

Tachyon_Nova2129d ago

The gaming market is imploding at the moment because there is a lack of new content and its more or less at saturation point. If new consoles don't come out soon and give people a reason to spend some cash on home consoles rather than on other tech, then the market will crash big time. You only have to look at the figures coming out of America this year, this gen has run its course and overstayed its welcome for my money.

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The story is too old to be commented.