Gravity Rush (PS Vita) Review By Canadian Online Gamers

Canadian Online Gamers - "Let’s face it; Gravity Rush comes along at a time when the Vita needs a boost in a big way. It has been well documented that Vita sales have been somewhat disappointing and the lack of recent games has not exactly helped Sony’s latest handheld machine thrive since its launch. While at the Sony E3 Press Briefing in LA this year I was somewhat taken back with the limited amount of Vita games Sony was highlighting as I expected the briefing to lean heavily on marketing the Vita and its must have titles, but alas Sony spent the majority of its focus on PS3 games. Fast-forward to five days after E3 ended and along comes Gravity Rush. Prior to its release some considered Gravity Rush to be one of those “must buy” games for Sony’s handheld. Well after some extended playtime I am certainly impressed, and there is no doubt Gravity Rush should absolutely be considered a must buy for many, but it is not without an issue or two."

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