Need for Speed: Most Wanted Is Basically Burnout: Paradise 2, Thank Goodness

Stephen Totilo of Kotaku writes, "One of my happiest discoveries at E3 a couple of weeks ago was that this fall's strangely-named Need For Speed: Most Wanted could and maybe should be called Burnout Paradise 2."

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hennessey862070d ago

what we wanted back in the day, Burnout with licensed cars. Criterion are the DONS

Rainstorm812070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

I thought the same when i saw the E3 presentation, Burnout with real cars and better cop chases, Paradise was a fun game , i dont think this will be any different.

I personally think it will be the first NFS to be comparable to the old Underground series

TopDudeMan2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

I hope it keeps all the jumps. I know we saw one in the trailer. I don't mind if the customization isn't there- as long as it is a solid game and if it plays like burnout paradise, then that'd be awesome, because paradise was an awesome game.

Shani2069d ago

The guy being interviewed (jim) totally ignored the question about customization and was praising open world and auto log.

So my guess - no customization.

LoLZoRz2070d ago

they need to add "squishiness" when cars get crashed.

it seems that with this engine that's not happening(also used in NFS Hot Pursuit and NFS The Run).

Redempteur2070d ago

Hp and the run are using different engines

The run was on frostbyte engine 2 and it's the ONLY NFS game on that engine so far

Jamaicangmr2070d ago

Ok perfect now add a "2" or a sub text to the name to distinguish it from the original and we're good.

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