Gaming needs to outgrow the trolls

Liam Bradbury takes a look at the culture surrounding video games, and finds that it's riddled with misogynistic losers. Time for a change?

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MysticStrummer2076d ago

Trolls aren't isolated to gaming. Humans need to outgrow the urge to troll, and that may never happen.

givemeshelter2076d ago

This will never happen and it's not just in gaming.

Flavor2076d ago

Actually, no, most of the adult world is not anything like 'gaming'. Go to a focus group on yachting equipment, ride along with an oil exploration team, or attend a Martha Stewart taping.

You will see that most adults do not carry themselves in the manner of gamers. They behave rationally, disagree politely, compromise, explain themselves, admit their mistakes, and consider the good of the group.

Hicken2076d ago

... and then you go to something less strict, like a grocery store, and all that goes out the window.

More to the point, none of those things are entertainment media. The attitudes found in gaming are found in movies, music, books, television, ALL entertainment.

Why is it mostly grown men with no interest in the Twilight books that debase them so? Is that not the very same as trolling?

Sure, I was in court earlier today, and I didn't see anyone acting the way people do here; that's because court is not the time or place. Court isn't somewhere that you express differing opinions, share laughs, and are otherwise free to do and say what you please while having your own preferences.

Gaming is not unique in having the issues it does, not by a long shot. And it's not something that it can outgrow, because it's not something that we as people can put aside while we are free.

Linsolv2076d ago

Trolls are an internet problem, not a gaming problem. Any time you give someone relative anonymity the odds are good they'll become a... what's the phrase... "mysoginistic loser?"

Your problem lies not with the games, but with the fact that it's an internet-based culture.

Warj2076d ago

This article is a little on the generalized side, and doesn't take into account the reasons for people being rightfully upset, but I do agree with the core arguement that there is a serious lack of respect and maturity toward dealing with problems or opposing viewpoints. However, as previously said, it is an internet thing. My philosophy professor once asked, "if there were no consequences or punishments for your actions, would you still obey laws?" Of course, everyone said they would still obey, but all it takes is one look on an internet forum to see the truth.

MilkMan2076d ago

As soon as author bashed Nintendo I lost interest. So much for trolling.

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