Miyamoto on Wii U-like controls on other platforms, violence in games, making games for everyone

“In the past when we’ve introduced stuff like motion control or touch screen control with the Nintendo DS, it typically would take a few years for other companies bring them into their own offerings,” says Shigeru Miyamoto. “The fact that one year out when we first introduced the concept of Wii U, we’re already seeing other companies trying to move in that same direction, suggests there’s a tremendous amount of possibility in what we’ve shown so far.”

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live2play2130d ago

thats why nintendo waits to show off new things
because copycats

shackdaddy2130d ago

I like how Miyamoto sticks to his own style. It would be weird if he did a violent video game...

-Gespenst-2129d ago

Probably one of the best people involved in games. I'm not even a Nintendo fanboy, but this guy has such a great attitude.