Diablo III is down for scheduled maintenance

GameDynamo - The service interuption has been undergone in order to implement patch 1.0.3. According to Blizzard, D3 and all realted services are expected to be available at "approximately 1:00 pm PDT."

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MilkMan2098d ago

Funny thing. When Diablo III servers down. You cant play cause you always online and sh!t.

Stupid @ss policy.

fermcr2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

How nice... if we want to play the single player, we can't.

F**K YOU blizzard. Never ever buying your games again.

deletingthis346753342098d ago

I knew this shit would happen, but not to THIS extent. Good thing I didn't buy the game. Waiting for Torchlight II instead.