An Elderly Cynic discusses... Really? Zombies again?

Chris is re-visiting the zombie craze, but this time with a heavier focus on its involvement in gameplay. Even in games you wouldn't expect to have zombies.

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Lovable2222d ago

Ok I'll be completely honest, I never get tired of zombies.

Elderly_Cynic2222d ago

I really don't either. At least I haven't yet... in fact Deadlight is probably my most anticipated game in the next couple of months.

PeachyAenne2221d ago

I agree. I love all things zombies! :)

Sharodan2222d ago

It is a little weird when zombies are added to games where you'd never expect to see them. Like CoD and RDR.

miyamoto2221d ago

Zombies = Hardcore gaming at least this is what Nintendo is banking on with Zombie U.