News: Miyamoto is With us in The Fight Against Shooters

The legendary games designer behind the likes of Mario and Zelda has discussed his concerns about third and first person shooter games. Shigeru Miyamoto worries about how these games will affect children.

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NYC_Gamer2130d ago

It's the parents job to control the content their kids are watching/playing/reading...The rating system on products are there for a reason...

Emilio_Estevez2130d ago

The rating system just isn't respected by parents at all. Every time I go to a midnight launch there are parents buying M rated games for small children. Makes no sense.

Lucretia2130d ago

i worked at game crazy and explained to a parent that u can snipe people in the head, run them over, etc etc in grand theft auto aswell as hire prostitutes, she simple asked

"can you see the sex?"

i said no and she said

"oh thats fine then"

riiiiiight. tits are bad, but killing is good. stupid America, as much as i love being american this country is just too prude

TBM2129d ago

i saw a father buying GoW3 for his 10 yr son when the game released. i turned to my friend and said i cant believe he's actually buying one of the most violent games on the market for an under aged kid.

shocked the sh*t out of me.

miyamoto2129d ago (Edited 2129d ago )

... adult gamers all over the Internet comparing more sales figures of Mario Bros & Pokemon to that of God of War III... and super elated & proud of it.

This is the most insane behavior of gamers I have witnessed in on the Internet.

You can't get more shell shocked than that!

TBM2129d ago


you are 200% correct in your statement this generation has been by far the worst gaming gen ever. grown a$$ people arguing over plastic boxes with wires, plastic discs sales, and being proud of it like their getting any of the profits is beyond retarded.

i owned all 3. consoles this generation but traded in 2 because they did fill my needs in the games i liked and wanted. there was nothing fanboyish in my decision to do that just disappointment that the 2 i traded in didn't give me a reason to keep them.

mike1up2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

Just last week, Miyamoto said that he was interested in making a FPS!

IMO Miyamoto's point was that parents and developers just need to be more responsible/cautious.

nintendofeed2130d ago

Miyamoto would really like to renovate the genre and make it more Nintendo!

But I can't imagine we'll be seeing a Zelda FPS some time soon!

kevnb2130d ago

whatever, there are people shooting each other everywhere. its in school books, movies, and unfortunately for many real life.

ironcreed2130d ago

I think he means the fight against a popular market that he knows Nintendo does not have a leg to stand on in. "Here, you need play more Mario!"

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The story is too old to be commented.