Xbox Live Summer of Arcade line-up priced and dated

GamerZines writes: "Microsoft has announced the dates and prices of its Summer of Arcade line-up set to kick off in less than a month with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD."

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Fyflin1562d ago

Deadlight and Dust for me, definitely. I'll try the others and see how they hold up at review but I'll be giving the Kinect game a miss this year.

EVILDEAD3601561d ago


But I'm noty going to lie..can't wait for Tony HD as well


Spydiggity1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

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Just looked up Deadlight, looks pretty badass. Sorta like Limbo meets Shadow Complex


green1561d ago

Dust 1st purchase for me then Deadlight. As you said, will try others later.

MWH1561d ago

Deadlight and Dust again here, there's also a game that most probably will be released this summer but not part of the summer-of-arcade list:


google it.

Siren301562d ago

I was really hoping for a shadow complex 2

xVeZx1562d ago

i thought quantum conundrum was part of the summer of arcade...oh well...still coming out this summer i think..

snowman21491562d ago

No tony hawk pro skater love?? the game looks like some good old fun..

MELMAN261561d ago

It reminds me of Tony Hawk 2 on ps1, while it was a good game at the time. I do not want to play it again.

Rampaged Death1562d ago

Deadlight is an instant purchase. Not sure on Dust, Hybrid and THPS yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.