Two WipEout 2048 DLC Packs on PSN Today

+ Posted by Ami Nakajima // Community and Communications Representative, Studio Liverpool -

PS Vita owners, get those engines ready: WipEout HD and Fury expansion packs are set to hit PS Vita today. For the first time ever, the most jaw-dropping, adrenaline-fueled anti-gravity racers combine — WipEout HD Fury and WipEout 2048 are together at last! For those of you who are fans of WipEout HD on the PS3 we have some great news for you: WipEout HD and WipEout HD Fury have been reimagined for PS Vita and are ready to be unleashed as expansion packs for WipEout 2048. Now you can experience the freedom of WipEout HD Fury on PS Vita and compete against pilots across the world whenever you want, wherever you are.

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Fyflin2370d ago

Free for existing owners!!

Ultr2370d ago

daaaaamn, such great news! can't believe it!
this is great ! :) :) :)

Ron_Danger2369d ago

In case anyone was wondering (or has a small memory card) its 580 mb for HD and Fury