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GameInformer: "Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is as fun as fumbling around for your keys in the dark while being pelted with billiard balls. It’s a showcase for the worst that Kinect has to offer, where nearly every gesture is either ignored or misinterpreted – often with game-ending repercussions."

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NukaCola2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

We all know Kinect works, it's not the greatest but it does work. This is just a blatant fail on the developers which is sad because the original Steel Battalion was pretty damn cool and From Software does good work. Demon's Souls and 3D Dot Game Heroes are two of the best games around. Well Ninja Blade wasn't very good as well.

GuyManDude2133d ago

What really makes me mad about games like this is that they try to sell them at retail for $60. I'd like to hear them justify that price tag. How could you not feel bad knowing you made a crap game (they have to know it sucks) and are trying to sell it for $60?