Did the GTA V trailer release too early?

Product-Reviews writes: What if GTA V did not see a release date until well into 2013? If it had been a mistake to show the first trailer so early thanks to financial reasons and not development time, then it could mean a lack of news for the rest of this year and at least another year before we see the game launch.

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danswayuk2166d ago

The first trailer came at the right time, it is the second that has took too long.

r1sh122166d ago

R* do this often.
They want the hype machine to start firing on all pistons, I mean look on N4g recently.
How many rumour and leak stories about GTA V have been released?
They give us a tiny amount free, people grasp on as long as they can, then the rumours start which increases hype.

SoundGamer2166d ago

And there's no problem building hype for a game. As long as you do not reveal a trailer six years early and still do not show much else about it.

*I'm looking at you Square-Enix. Final Fantasy Versus XIII*

HammadTheBeast2166d ago

That's for sure. Any small piece of GTA V info will make top news any day.

That reminds me..."GTA V will feature blue sky and green grass"...

Top Story.

CommonSense2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

"They want the hype machine to start firing on all pistons, I mean look on N4g recently. "

no, the hype machine started without them. they had no choice but to release a trailer. tons of information and disinformation was being leaked. the internet community of bloggers with no lives forced their hand.

ChrisGTR12165d ago

anytime R* announces a release date for a game add a year+ to it then thats the real release date.

Wenis2165d ago

And then add 2 more years for delays and that's the real release date.

Perjoss2165d ago

Add 1 day for each hour a R* employee spends in the company of an employee working for Vavle. Because I swear its some kind of disease and its contagious.

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morganfell2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

It was ridiculous fanboys and several sites that refused to believe the game wasn't coming this year who are responsible for misreading the trailer release. When those of us in the common sense corp said it wasn't happening this year we were attacked, disagreed, bubbled down, etc.

Now these same sites that kept writing hit driven articles that either stated the game was coming this year or went as close to saying so as possible are backpedaling. Worse they are blaming the developer.

Frankly it's high time gamers started ignoring these idiot sites that do nothing more than leech off the game community and provide a disservice. These sites drove an already excited fanbase into a frenzy. A frenzy that served no one except these self important trash blogs and websites.

If such fans and sites won't grow up we'll keep laughing at you. It wasn't Rockstar's fault, it's your fault you dummies. Stop living in the modern culture of blame someone else.

As Nathan Drake said from his prison cell, "You've been played."

PinkPartyPony2165d ago

Yes, this exactly.

Logic is not a strong point of N4G members, sadly.

Sgt_Slaughter2165d ago

"Logic is not a strong point of N4G members, sadly."

Understatement of the year right here!

christian hour2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

Morgan, as usual I applaud your common sense, Theres one guy in the comments on the site this article is from who is boycotting rockstar because they are taking too long to release more information? Wtf? I bet this guy buys the yearly EA and activision releases... *facepalm*

WTF is wrong with some of these people? A game will be out when its out, it might be delayed, it might be pushed out too early, either way get over it and go outside to pass the time.

There are games I waited 5 years plus on, there are games that I'm currently waiting 5 years plus on (Half Life episode 3, now most likely half life 3? ffVS13? Trico/Last Guardian? yes officially announced 2009, but that same trailer was leaked 2 years earlier in 2007 with millers crossing music that was AWESOME) I'd be an idiot to suddenly boycott them because they're taking too long. People are so stubborn and impatient these days. And I'm an idiot for giving this site a hit!

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tr00p3r2166d ago

They needed to show something at E3 at least...whether at the event itself, or a separate do. Bit of a shock that they didn't...

danswayuk2166d ago

I knew they would not be at E3 but I did expect something before or just after the event, which has not happened. What are Rockstar playing at? This second trailer should have come by now.

NYC_Gamer2166d ago

I believe the GTA5 trailer was released around the SR3 launch....R* did it on purpose to steal away attention...

xPhearR3dx2166d ago


Actually the game was announced the day Battlefield 3 came out. Then Nov. 2 they released the trailer. If anything, they stole the spotlight from Battlefield on launch day by announcing the title.

Darth_Bane792166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

They don't NEED to show anything. They could go all the way to the release date without releasing any trailers and info and the game will still sell millions.

NYC_Gamer2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

The trailer was released to build up hype

units2166d ago

It seems to be working

Spydiggity2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

and the most unnecessary, obvious comment of the year award goes to....

AgreeFairy2165d ago

It still didn't build up as much hype as the logo for Agent.

Tommy3342166d ago

GTA is a dying Franchise. It should've stayed a Playstation "TIMED" Exclusive. Believe me GTAV will be one of the worst selling GTA's in Grand Theft History.

NYC_Gamer2166d ago

Stop being typing rubbish why should R* limit themselves to one platform?GTA always launched on every capable platform...

DG902166d ago

"One of the worst selling GTA's in Grand Theft Auto History".... Why will it be??? Oh and can you tell me where to get a crystal ball so can see into the future aswell. GTA is far from dying.. It has been around a long long time & it will stay around for a long time aswell.

BattleTorn2166d ago

hahaahahahahahahaah YA RIGHT!

Rauland2166d ago

and how many copies did mgs4 sell for? not a lot

Gran Touring2166d ago

Like 6 million? that's not a lot?

YodaCracker2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

Considering GTA IV is still near the top of the Xbox LIVE activity charts and the single GTA V trailer has garnered nearly 20 million views on YouTube and kept the hype going for seven months, GTA seems more alive than ever to me. There's no other game that can have one trailer, then nothing for half a year and still have any hype. I don't know if GTA V will be able to surpass the beast that is Call of Duty and set a new opening week sales record, but other than that, it has no real competition.

The industry works around Rockstar. When they announce a release date, it will be all the other companies shifting their games around to avoid releasing near the big one.

christian hour2165d ago

GTA will be a dying franchise when they start bringing out yearly installments like the axis of evil do, until then TITS or GTFO. Sorry to be so brash, Tommy334, but I felt your flame-baiting comment was deserving of a similar response.

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claud32166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

Either way, it came out. The timing is not a big deal, the fact their is a new gta coming is all that is important to me and others

thehitman2166d ago

They released the trailer when they thought they couldnt keep gta a secret anymore. I agree timing to me isnt important and it will come out eventually.

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