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Ultra-Violence And Sexism – Does Gaming Need To Grow Up?

Following recent controversy over the dominance of violence in mainstream games, and continued allegations of rampant sexism, Mark Butler asks whether we should be prepared to take these criticisms more seriously. (Culture, Hitman: Absolution, Lollipop Chainsaw, PC, PS3, The Last Of Us, Tomb Raider 2013, Xbox 360)

NYC_Gamer  +   1067d ago
I like to play both violent and non violent games and will continue to do so until the day i stop gaming....People who can't stand violence that's cool but don't tell others what we should and shouldn't be enjoying within our games...
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TrendyGamers  +   1067d ago
Well said.
darthv72  +   1067d ago
im selective in the games I play
I too enjoy the violent and non violent games. I do feel that (like with movies and tv) that if something resorts to an over use of sex and violence then it tends to lack substance in the form of a good story.

Filler is what it is referred to and so many things (music, movies, games) use it way to often. Does that mean they are any less entertaining? That is up to the individual to decide. I can take it or leave it personally.
DanJenkoFMV  +   1067d ago
I don't think gaming needs to grow up any more than films, whilst there are plenty of heavily sexualised games like Lollipop Chainsaw there are several other 'mature' experiences to be found.
Jreca  +   1067d ago
Do people need to grow up(and accept all type of legal products and not judging them as a whole)?

I believe it's just a problem of people not accepting videogames are not only child and teen entertainment anymore, so you have more freedom.
D3mons0ul  +   1067d ago
No, stuffy boring people need to just fuck off of our hobby and stop trying to dictate the course of the industry.

Games don't need to 'grow up' (perspective of maturity seems to be subjective anyway), the writing just needs to get better.
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jb1276  +   1067d ago
since I didn't see any news on the rumored "put a gun to your head and play me" game.. I think we just need an environment that will promote developers to make any type of game they want and we as the consumers will buy whatever it is we want.
Alcohog  +   1067d ago
Are you really that dense that you can't see that Lollipop Chainsaw is a caricature of gratuitousness?
shodan74  +   1067d ago
From the article:
"Lollipop Chainsaw should be accepted for exactly what it is: a deliberately ludicrous slice of knock-about, entertaining and tongue-in-cheek fun. Hell, you could even argue that it’s sending up oversexualisation and hack-and-slash gore. It’s certainly hard to take it too seriously."
Alcohog  +   1067d ago
You read it? I'd like to shake your hand, sir.
dragon_rocks  +   1067d ago
Does movies have to grow up? Does books have to grow up? Does TV serials have to grow up? If not then games do not need to as well. Why can't people understand that there can be a presence of everything with specific ratings in all medium of fiction and entertainment. You pick and choose what suits your taste. Its really these people who need to grow up and understand.
smashcrashbash  +   1067d ago
If you don't like them then don't play them. It's like porn. You may not like it but don't try to get in the way of people who want it.We have right to a choice and if I want over the top violence I can buy the game if I want. I will not reach a point where people are telling me what I can and can't do especially if it is not illegal. I am not going to run out and slaughter and rape and kill because of a game like everyone seem to think I will.
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Crystallish  +   1067d ago
Today's gaming is more grown up than everything you see on TV and/or in Cinema's these days, so no - games need, if anything, a little change towards mainstream appeal, but the foolish gender that are men (myself included, of course) are pretty happy about a cheap shot or two.
and the experienced female gamer would never criticise a game like lollipop chainsaw for what it is, but rather embrace it for not beeing a game about a princess beeing rescued by some fat prick

to us, she wears something that marks her as a cheap (though fucking attractive, damn hot)pussy, for everyone else (read, women) she wears a damn Cheerleader Outfit with no intend behind it.
HurstDarkStar  +   1067d ago
Gaming is seriously trying way too hard to try to be accepted by the film industry I don't want film like games! i want things I can keep watching but not get bored because I know the ending,you know.... gameplay.
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310dodo  +   1067d ago
I believe that anyone who buys say Lollipop Chainsaw for the sole purpose of upskirt shots. is kinda creppy or 13

that said I believe games shouldnt be put into a little box of whats "good" "worthy" and "garbage"

its ok to lavish praise on GOTY contenders
but games/gaming are much more then just AAA titles
ShaunCameron  +   1063d ago
No. It's people whining and bitching about how they were wronged portraying themselves as victims and the people entertaining their nonsense trying to act all sympathetic who need to grow up.

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