Sony: We won't show PS4 until it can demonstrate 'a significant leap'

Sony is not prepared to demonstrate its PlayStation 4 console until the system can demonstrate 'a significant leap' in technology, the group chief executive of SCE has explained.

Andrew House appeared to challenge the emerging view that the next batch of game consoles will not provide a considerable leap in technology.

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NYC_Gamer2167d ago

I believe Sony wants to prove Nintendo wrong by bringing a much more powerful machine to the market that Wii-U

BrutallyBlunt2167d ago

Prove them wrong like they proved the Wii wrong with the Playstation 3 and then the Playstation Move? It's not all about technology, if it were the PC would be taking the lions den of all gaming related sales and software.

The Wii U shows a significant leap over the Wii and that is how it should be judged in the same context.

pixelsword2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

Great for Sony; I like that they will try to push the envelope.

My only concern (and I'm watching closely for this for the PS3 and 360) is that the machine is very reliable.

Trebius512167d ago

I doubt Sony would rush to market and release hardware that breaks 40% of the time like a certain other company did...

CommonSense2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

you mean Sony in 2000?

love the hypocrisy, btw. never gets old. ;)

as for the article...uh? PC already shows that there is a significant leap. plus, releasing new hardware would push developers to develop for it.

this is just excuse making...and it's super transparent. which means anyone that doesn't have a huge bias can see right through it.

LocutusEstBorg2166d ago

It's already designed. It cannot demonstrate anything more than it already can.

b163o12166d ago

@ CommonSince

That is why I hate PC gamers.

We get it dude, you can upgrade your PC to a graphical beast. PC gamers or I should say "Most" PC gamers seem to think graphics make the game. SMH....

T9002166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )


Stop kidding yourself. If anything its mostly about the games to PC gamers than anything else.

Check out the most played games on Steam, i can assure you they arent the graphical beasts.

Rather the mos tplayed games on Steam are:

Teamfortress 2
Dota 2


PC gamers are still playing World of warcraft, Millions play it, Wow is no graphical beast.

Hell many PC gamers are playing Warcraft 3, which is 10 year old game now. I am personally playing Dota 1, which is a mod for Warcraft 3. Why are we playing these old games? Well thats because of the gameplay.

Coming back to the topic. I think Sony is only fooling their fanbase. Its clear the hardware that is far more powerful than current consoles is already out there. Sony and MS have taken too many losses this gen, which is why both of them want to be profiting of old hardware.

Its natural for console makers to fool their base, they do it because they can. Unfortunately most of the base on this site specially blindly follows whatever Sony has to say, its no secret.

Hence reasons being thrown are only excuses so they can profit of aging hardware.


How did Sony push the envelope?

They released a console 1 year after MS, yet performance wise the differences are minimal. 1 year is a eternity in technological terms. Simple example is of a CPU or GPU released today definetely outperforms its 1 year old counterpart by atleast 1.5-2x performance.

When the Xbox 360 released it was atleast on par with high end PCs of that time, this is a fact.

When the PS3 released, it was barely equal to midrange PCs of that time.

Check this out:

"Back when Sony announced the specifications of the PlayStation 3, everyone asked if it meant the end of PC gaming. After all Cell looked very strong and NVIDIA's RSX GPU had tremendous power. We asked NVIDIA how long it would take until we saw a GPU faster than the RSX. Their answer: by the time the PS3 ships. So congratulations to NVIDIA for making the PS3 obsolete before it ever shipped, as G80 is truly a beast. "

Sony hardly has been pushing any envelopes.

ShinMaster2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

like the difference we saw between PS2 and PS3.

I'm glad Sony isn't rushing the PS4.

decrypt2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

"Haven't seen a difference between the PS3 and PC,like the difference we saw between PS2 and PS3 "


Multiplats on the PC make current consoles look a gen old, what are you on about?

Hypo much, i bet if Sony today announced PS4 most of you would be cheerleading and would be giving reasons how you are tired of old hardware.

ravinash2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )


Actually, PS3 was delayed from release for about a year due to licencing issues with the yeah, it was year old tech when it came out.

But I'm more than happy if they hold off as long as possible before releasing the next gen.
1. because I don't have to buy a new console.
2. They are still bring out plenty of great games for this Gen.

While PC games in a lot of cases may have better graphics, their not so great that I'm sitting there thinking I MUST UPGRADE!!!

Besides, most PC owners PCs are a few years old.
Not everyone can keep constantly upgrading their graphics card for the latest games.

As for fooling the fan base...I think most just see it for what it is. A company making business decisions to wait a while before making the large investment in rolling out the next model.

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Ihaa2167d ago

If they want a significant leap at a good price point so they don't fuck themselves over, guess you guys got a few more years of wait.

N4g_null2167d ago

Wow I've seen the specs but I can't believe what he just said! This means they are going to wait on amd to get their price down. Or maybe they are waiting on tessalation to get better?

The leap included a significant leap in perceived polygon count along with a more interactive and effect friendly texturing system in the shader format.

To leap like that again you would need a tessalation engine that is 7x the performance we get on pcs. Deticated chips for shader based lighting.

Yet the ulimate leap would be loaded up hi res model like in zbrush and letting the hardware do all the scaling and mip map like operations.

Sonys only key is to develop or foster the development of chips that do this things. Sony really is dead in the water without new tech but these things take years to make unless you are nvidia and Amdati.

I believe we will get more of the last of us like games from them. I would love them to come up with a real solution yet I will call out hype ware at every turn.

In 3 more years the gtx 680 and 690 will be old gpus maybe we will see a ps4 then?

DarrenLambert2167d ago

I concur. Sony knows that slow and steady wins the race. None of this DVR, augmented reality, we own gaming by 2015, shove kinect down your throat nonsense. They plan, analyze, innovate and always deliver a product that goes above and beyond what is expected!

BrutallyBlunt2167d ago

Like coming out with the format UMD? How has slow and steady helped them in the TV division as of late? How about the portable music device, will it eventually outsell the IPod? Do you think their music store will entually overshadow ITunes too?

Such a vague statement you have there. You mention Kinect being shoved down peoples throat but where is the backing for Move? The Move is more accurate than both the Wii and Kinect but that doesn't matter if nobody supports it.

BitbyDeath2167d ago

LevelHead, why don't you keep a levelHead instead of hating all the time?

IHateYouFanboys2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

"None of this DVR, augmented reality"

really? might want to do your research:

Play TV/Torne - a DVR for the PS3:

Wonderbook/Eye of Judgement/EyePet etc - Augmented reality:

on topic,this is all just PR talk. they wont talk about the PS4 now because it would kill PS3 sales. rest assured, the final specs for the PS4 are mere months from being nailed down, if they arent already.

if they give Microsoft another 12 month lead, Sony will be out of the console race quicker than Sega after they released the dreamcast. With Windows 8, Surface, SmartGlass, Windows Phone 8, and the new Xbox all going to be intertwined like no devices before them, Sony is going to need to launch alongside them or theyll be left in the dust.

insomnium22166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )


Kinect is indeed shoved down peoples throats. The 0.5 billion marketting campaigne made sure of that. What does Move have to do with this? What does music and TVs have to do with this?

You are not by any chance hating on Sony again just because you have a chance to do so are you...?

kikizoo2166d ago

"Sony is going to need to launch alongside them or theyll be left in the dust."

yeah sure "ihateyoumyself", like this gen, with best games and hardware, you never loose (dust is for gimmicks and inferior consoles)

"It's not all about technology, if it were the PC would be taking the lions den of all gaming related sales and software.
The Wii U shows a significant leap over the Wii and that is how it should be judged in the same context."

no, pc only takes the crown again, after 5,6 years best consoles are on the market, and they don't have best exclusives...

off course technology is important, sony always has best library, so if you want to compete with them, you have to beat them on hardware (and wiiu have to compete with X720, and ps4, not wii)

BrutallyBlunt2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

I was simply replying to the existing hate and turning it around on them. Funny how they don't like it when they see it from the other point of view.


Did you buy a Kinect? If not then tell me again how they are shoving it down your throat. I didn't buy one but i'm always interested in how it's progressing. If you pay little attention to the Kinect it wouldn't be so present. I purposely follow it because i'm interested. Instead you feel the need to follow the news about it, to post in articles about it to downplay it. That's the big difference. Which makes sense coming from a guy who says he put me on his ignore list only to keep responding to me. You're such a sad case.

I'm also not hating Sony, nothing could be further from the truth. I enjoy the products i own by them, what i don't like are idiots like you who are totally blinded by them and if people really want to see hate all they need to do is read what you say about Microsoft. I don't say anything that negative because unlike you i am not blinded by loyalty nor a fanboy.

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yabhero2167d ago

And I don't think it's goig to happen...
Is see the gap as being ps2 to Xbox like...

Patriots_Pride2167d ago

So Sony wants to prove to Nintendo that they can release a beast of a console that would make the Wii U look inferior and price it at $599.99

I dont think that worked out well with the PS3 vs the Wii and I think Ninty would love for Sony to repeat history.

gatormatt802167d ago

Where did it say they were pricing the PS4 at $599???

"The right time to talk about new advances in hardware is when you can demonstrate a significant leap on the current experience, and something that is going to be attractive."

I believe what Sony is trying to say is show a significant leap at an affordable price.

BitbyDeath2167d ago

PS3 is profiting just fine and has been the best selling console for the past few years now.

Why do you think it is not working out for them?

Patriots_Pride2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

@Gatormatt - powerful cutting edge Technology is not cheap and Sony has proven that they do not hold back on any ot there hardware look at the Vita or Bravia tv's those things are beast.

BItby -Yes Sony is profiting but they also lost a large amount of potential customers from the Wii U and 360.

BitbyDeath2167d ago

Yea, but they did get other benefits out of having a higher price tag such as Blu-ray being in every box, winning over HD-DVD.

The only hardware component that may have been a bad investment would be Cell, and i guess we will have to wait and see what processor the PS4 uses to determine that.

gatormatt802167d ago

Patriots_Pride, yes technology isn't cheap, but, Sony is talking in terms of a significant leap from the PS3, not the PC or anything else mind you.

Lou Ferrigno2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

HAHA lolz @ Patriots_pride .. your a very ignorant soul man.. you start off with assumption based off of apsolutely NO knowledge whatsoever .. thats a good laugh .. that your "prophecy" your sticking with?..
cuz its pretty lame.. and yes,i'm bashing your post because it was blindly ignorant and you needed to know that is all. ..good day sir :)-

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joab7772167d ago

What does this even mean? Don't they create the tech? I feel reassured that they are gonna make a huge leap forward but how long do we have to wait? Is he saying that it won't happen until a very powerful machine can be sold for under $500? Or r they waiting to release the next blue ray?

showtimefolks2167d ago

i believe them i just don't understand what's the hurry in getting to a ps4 or xbox720? if specs are only gonna have minor upgrades graphics/performance wise than what's the hurry?

i rather them be the last one out but atleast be good for next 8-10 years than needing another system after 4-5 years like xbox360 but stretching it out like MS has done

let's see what wii-u delivers than i would like sony and MS to be 50% more powerful than wii-u so we will actually be talking about something significant

but this is the internet age, invisible fanboys wars and when fanboys demand next gen console they are heard loud and clear

sak5002167d ago

LOL @common sense

Well said +bubbs

I suffered 2 broken ps2 and 2 broken 360 so why do people always highlight 360's issues?

Well significant leap would probably mean 240fps @ 2160p right since they said ps3 would be 120fps/1080. /jk

Anyway I hope next gen would be at least as big a jump as PS3 was on Ps2 and 360 was on Xbox.

insomnium22166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

They said PS3 would SUPPORT 120fps/1080p iirc. Give me a link that says otherwise or you are just trolling with that remark.

Saying it WILL DO 120fps/1080p is in a totally different ballpark than the actual claim of SUPPORTING 120fps/1080p. But I guess none of this matters. If people WANT to hate they will hate no matter what.

OH and btw the leap between PS2--> PS3 is bigger that xbox--> X360. Just FYI.

Imalwaysright2166d ago

Maybe because the 360 is without any doubt the most unreliable product ever made? How much was it? Oh yeah 47% of 360 bricking on people, nearly HALF of them sold!

metroid322166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

Yes but it will be in say 2015 thats when you can show a significant leap and guess what Nintendo could use a 6 core version of the CPU and stick it in a WiiU 2.0 just so they can have all games run at ultra settings ect in 1080p/60fps its not hard as Nintendo have a machine that can do 1080p/60fps on most games with High settings,so no biggie to be honest just allowing Nintendo to get most gamers on their machine,and by the time PS4 hits weather it be 2013 or 2015 a WiiU 2.0 that does ultra setting effects in 1080p/60fps can easily be on shelves because thats all a more powerful console can do anyway the same games as WiiU just at higher settings END OF.

The 360 did a 2 console design the Elite and the standard the Elite did a better resolution ect Sony are trying to buy time so tech gets better and they can be this wow factor,but i don't see it i mean gamers would have been playing WiiU games at 1080p/60fps with better AA ect,a significant leap from here would be way too expensive until 2014/2015 and then guess what its too late and your Sony gamers will not wait that long when you can play starcraft and Zelda on WiiU SORRY SONY. EPIC FAIL ??


"The 360 did a 2 console design the Elite and the standard the Elite did a better resolution"

where did you get that info from?

There is no difference between the two machines in terms of resolution. the only difference is the HD storage.

I have had both an arcade and an elite and there is no difference when you play games on them.

NobodyImportant2166d ago

"as Nintendo have a machine that can do 1080p/60fps on most games with High settings"

What are you talking about?

Currently ALL Nintendo first party games that have been demoed are running at 720p. And ALL of them except Mario Bros Wii U run at 30fps.
Wii Fit U has no AA!
Pikmin 3 ran at 720p 30fps at E3. Nintendo say they'll "get it up to" 60fps by the time it launches, but that is a long way from doubling the resolution up to 1080p.

The Wii U is going to be another 720p console.
Nothing wrong with that.
It will improve upon what we have with the PS3 and 360, just don't expect 1080p on your big budget games. You might get it with a couple of simple indy titles, sidescrollers etc, but COD, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect aren't going to run 1080p.

So when the PS4, 720 launch gamers won't have been used to playing in 1080p60. They'll still have been playing 720p.

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units2167d ago

Future of what exactly?

TopDudeMan2167d ago

The future of where my money will most likely be going.

remanutd552167d ago

Motorstorm as ps4 launch title = sold

SonyStyled2167d ago

i think evolution studios is outta ideas with motorstorm settings. but if they were to make a new motorstorm i would like to see a motorstorm global festival title, consisting of settings from all 4 games =sold!

remanutd552167d ago

thats what i want to, Motorstorm world festival , i would love to see island, desert, arctic and even water levels, i mean imagine racing on moving boats? that would be so awesome!!!

Wizziokid2167d ago

I'm a fan of this tactic, I don't see a point in starting a new generation of consoles unless there is a significant leap.
If MS follow this idea or not is another story, if they don't and Sony do decide to hold off it could hurt them.

With games like The Last of Us and Beyond: two souls coming out it shows that the PS3 still does have some life yet and these games make me content to wait a little longer for some amazing new tech.

Now on The Wii U on the other hand, well like MS (I think) said they are kind of in a Generation of there own so I don't mind them bringing out the new console, I will be purchasing one myself (queue hate).

ravinash2166d ago

It's this part of the life cycle is where Sony investment will start to pay off.
Towards the end of the cycle it gets harder and harder to squeeze the last little bit of power out of the processor.
So while the Cell is harder to program for, there is more there so that when the 1st party companies get to work with and push it that little bit further.

Only downside of that was being harder, the 3rd parties couldn't quite keep the same standard as the easier processors.