DOOM 3 BFG Edition Release Date Announced

DOOM 3 BFG Edition, which includes DOOM, DOOM II, DOOM 3, and the Resurrection of Evil add-on pack, finally has a release date.


PC version priced at $29.99

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iXenon1769d ago

I was always criticized for never having played DOOM. I guess I'll be picking this up when it comes out.

iXenon1769d ago

I'm going to right my sins

mewhy321768d ago

Oh man. I can't wait. I'm a huge Doom/Quake fan. I had Doom on the original Xbox. The HD facelift and new missions will be great. Carmack rules.

Army_of_Darkness1768d ago

well then dodge with the "X" button!!!

KillerPwned1769d ago

What the fuck man?

Here I was kind enough to give you a link to the first game now go play!

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Biohazard88601769d ago

Nice but where can we pre order i checked gamestop and amazon but its not on there.

rmedtx1769d ago

True, I've been trying to pre order it with no luck.

Biohazard88601769d ago

makes like no sense they announce a date with price and no pre order yet like wow

caseh1768d ago

Might be available on PSN/Live/Steam?

Same thing with Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown. I was hunting for pre-orders until a week before it was out, turns out it was on PSN/Live only. :)

Stansolo1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

The king of FPS as finaly arrived!
Forget all other FPS this is all you need. Can't BFG wait.
PS3 version for me!

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The story is too old to be commented.