Blizzard Says StarCraft On Wii U ‘Might Work’

The lead designer of StarCraft II says there are several ways the popular real-time strategy series could make its way to consoles—and that under the right circumstances, Nintendo's upcoming Wii U might be a good fit.

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NYC_Gamer2162d ago

Blizzard should be able to do things with the Wii-U pad

nukeitall2162d ago

I would buy a Wii U just to play StarCraft on it!

I think voice control with Kinect, and Smart Glass on box 360 might work better though.

donman12162d ago

WiiU controller = zero latency (lag). So how exactly will Kinect and Smart Glass top that?

Kinect is not 1:1

Hisiru2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

You can't use smartglass in real time, how can it be better than WiiU's gamepad? You wouldn't be able to control the game using Smart Glass.

Also, WiiU has a mic on the gamepad, so it probably works for voice chat.

nukeitall2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

Smart Glass can give you the appearance of real time, similar to how cross game play or remote play works on PS Vita. Many things also doesn't require real time interaction.

StarCraft for instance doesn't require lag free input. CoD probably does.

Remember using Smart Glass to play a game, you will be connected to your local network, so input lag is significantly minimized on top of that.

Also, I don't know how voice recognition is on the Wii U, but almost on all other devices it sucks big time.

Case in point, the game Binary Domain supported voice control on PS3 and the regular microphone on Xbox 360 in addition to Kinect. The former two sucked big time and was almost useless while Kinect worked pretty darn good.


Most devices aren't 1:1, which is overblown. It's all about perception and experience.

Hisiru2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

As I said before (via PM), it was confirmed at this year's E3: Smart Glass is just an App and won't work in real time. Smart Glass is an app to give you infos about the game (such as maps) and that's it.

Also, WiiU has physical buttons (D-Pad, 2 analog sticks, a b y x, R L, R1 L2, clickable analog stick etc) + touch screen buttons and things like maps on the screen, smartphones/tablets won't be able to replicate all those inputs. Even if they give the "real time" feature for Smartglass it won't give the same experience as the WiiU.

nukeitall2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

SmartGlass used with an Xbox 360 to play games will be on your local network. You know what the ping time is on your local network is?

It's 1ms and occasionally 5ms. You know what the time frame for a 30 frame per second game is? 133ms!

If you run the game code on the tablet itself and feed it status updates, the experience will be real time. Online multiplayer games use a similar strategy, but they typically has 25-50ms delay and that is considered smooth. It's when it spikes around 150+ ms that you start noticing the lag, but even then it is still good depending on the game.

So it is definitely possible, but it isn't what is possible technologically. It's if consumer adoption is high enough, and if developers are willing to support it.

Wii U has an upper hand there as a standard, but it also depends on Wii U adoption. On the other hand you got 67+ million Xbox 360 owners and the vast majority of them will have a smartphone or tablet.

Can't reach your touch device on Xbox 360 controller? Third party accessory attachment to your controller!

Voila, Wii U experience if on Xbox 360 if you wanted to.

Also, I don't believe SmartGlass itself is an app, but rather a set of technology to make it easier for integration of such features similar to Xbox Live. MS just happened to show you some apps to do some things billed as SmartGlass.

BrutallyBlunt2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )


Did you not see E3 and them showcasing Madden while using a tablet during gameplay? It's far too early to make 'guesses' and then implying them as being factual. However i do expect less latency using the Wii U as it is designed to communicate with the console, unlike Smartglass and Vita/PS3.

Hisiru2161d ago

I believe youre not following the E3 news. You need to pause the game in order to use most of the features and again, you won't have physical buttons, only your smartphone's touch screen unless you want to hold your x360 controller and your smartphone/tablet on the same hand.

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grailly2162d ago

i don't know... I don't see how controls can be done. It would be very touch based and then what's the point of bringing it to wiiU if you're going to use it as a tablet?

beerkeg2162d ago

It wouldn't be like a tablet though, it has other controls beside the touch screen.

Timmer2162d ago

Tablets would be awesome for RTSs, Starcraft would be awesome on consoles, if they could do it.

I expect that we might see SC2 on Wii U and 360, thanks to the new Windows tablet.

metroid322162d ago

no chance unless Microsoft fund the development trust me ?? WiiU version i will buy it.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2162d ago

I doubt it. The Microsoft and Sony Fanboys say that WiiU is worthless and is only slightly more powerful than 2 Wii's.

So, I am sorry Blizzard you are wrong. Sure you are hugely successful at what you do but you know that fanboys know-it-all even when they don't know it all.

So to this I say WoW?

Sarcasm aside: I am glad to read this. I like both Blizz and Nintendo, two of my favorite developers. Getting them together in anyway is EPIC (imo).

metroid322162d ago

The WiiU cpu is 20/25 times the power of wii and 3 times ps3 ?? u idiot :(

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2162d ago

Lol- I was being sarcastic. Please read the whole quote before commenting. And do not say "idiot" if you are in the more "idiotic" position.

+ the number you just threw-up... where are you getting this data. Nintendo had not released any official specs, but I am fairly certain that the WiiU will be more powerful.

(Then again I don't care, as long as I get Zelda and Samus.. everything else is chocolate sauce, cherries, and whipped cream).

yabhero2162d ago

He's right ... Look it up the Power7 in WiiU with only four cores and clocked at maybe 3 GHz would still do around 100 GFLOPS... The Cell in the PS3 on paper should be more powerful than an i7 and a Power7 and do 230 GFLOPS...however because it has no real cores except the central one, and has to rely on the other SPE it only does around 20 GLFOPS... So it lay mans term it
100:20 or 5:1... The power7 is a beast... Say some that power is taken from WiiUPad streaming... Say it uses the full power of the PS3 CPU to stream? Still 80:20
Or 4:1
So the WiiU CPU is 4-5 time better than the Cell

neutralgamer192162d ago

So your saying that if and thts a big iffffff it done on wii u its because wii u is more powerful than ps3? and it cant be done on ps3? hahahahaha yeah sure games like dust 514 and others say diferently. If its done on wii u it still doesnt equate to wii u being more powerfull then ps3 or it being next gen.

yabhero2162d ago

It's pretty obviously WiiU is more powerful than PS3, if you can't realize. That you msut be a blind fanboy...
The real question is how next gen is it?
I think it will be be behind PS4 but like the PS2 was behind Xbox, the difference will be ntociable in exclusives, but ntot in multi plats

koehler832162d ago

It would also work on an iPad, or indeed any device you could think of, given sufficient planning.

However Blizzard does not seem interested in letting people in on their party. They seem more interested in their own platform.

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