Tomba! Now Available via PlayStation Network

Monkeypaw Games has today released the critically acclaimed Tomba! on PlayStation Network, now available as part of the PSone Classics range. Developed by Whoopee Camp and released in North American territories in 1998, Tomba! follows a bushy, pink-haired caveboy who finds his grandfather’s precious bracelet stolen by seven evil swine, known as the Koma Pigs.

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Darth Stewie2162d ago

I think they brought this classic back for Tomba to be in PS:ABR

Dispy2162d ago

That could be awesome :D

Deadpool6162162d ago

Tomba! was the first game I wanted on PSN. It took several years, but it's finally here.

Now how about Tobal No.1/No.2 next Sony? :)

-Gespenst-2162d ago

1) I hope this makes it to the European PS Store.
2) I hope Tombi's in Playstation All Stars,
3) I hope Tombi 2 also makes it to the PS store.
4) And most of all I hope all the above happens and encourages Tokuro Fujiwara to make a new Tombi game. That would be a dream come true.

mathsman2161d ago

1) Sorted. This article concerns the European release. :)

KillerPwned2162d ago

I sadly have never played Tomba!

Ultr2161d ago

you have to play it now! :)
from the looks you could think this is an easy platformer right? well THIS GAME is one of the games with the greatest depth I have EVER playeD!
You will see after you get past first time at the village