Valve drops Windows XP SP1 support for Steam on August 31st

DSOGaming writes: "Valve rolled out a new update for Steam, in which the company noted that the Windows XP SP1 support will be dropped on August 31st."

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Letros2192d ago

Nice, XP is an unstable Dino compared to 7

TheModernKamikaze2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

XP is actually better than Vista, so it's not unstable like Vista.

Letros2192d ago

Actually it's not, but you can believe what you want :-P

3GenGames2192d ago

^ XP is probably the most stable OS Microsoft ever created. You're an idiot. Vista was @SS.

nukeitall2192d ago

My personal experience has been that Vista is far more stable than XP albeit slower. It also has far more security features built into a modern OS.

dirthurts2191d ago

I repair computers, and almost every OS problem I run into is XP.
Vista, and 7 are very stable and have much much much better security.
I've used Windows Vista, and then 7 since it arrived and there have been 0 real problems that I can attribute to the operating system.
Installing crap programs doesn't count. That's straight up user error, and that's the bulk of people who have problems with Vista/7. It's users who don't know wtf they're doing.

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TheModernKamikaze2192d ago

I tried both, and XP is faster and stable than Vista.
So my opinion is valid.

Letros2192d ago

On dino hardware sure, gamers don't use Pentium 4's anymore, nor Vista, so still unsure why you brought that into my original comment :-)

bahabeast2192d ago

xp is one of best operating systems when it comes to stability, windows 8 is about to launch soo vista should take xp's place and 7 take vistas place.

Soldierone2192d ago

Well at least I will be able to stick with 7 until 9 comes out. I don't plan on switching to 8 anytime soon, haven't heard anything good about it and expect it to be like Vista was to XP.

southernbanana2191d ago

I have been using Windows 8 since the dev. preview and am currently using the pre release. In fact I am using it on my main PC and my ThinkPad. It is by far the best OS Microsoft has ever made. I have also installed it on various other hardware including an ancient Pentium 4. It runs smooth and stable even on that ancient P4. Most of the negative things I have read are from people with little experience with the OS or people who have obviously never tried it. You can also add the people who simply do not like change. Sure the interface is new, but after a couple of days use it becomes natural and fluid. The traditional desktop is basically windows 7 with some minor changes in menu layouts. I could go on and on, but really you should give it a try. It's great.

john22192d ago

precisely that. Don't know why people would get stuck on SP1

nukeitall2192d ago

I'm pretty sure that usually applies to pirates, but then they didn't care about computer security in the first place.

Kran2192d ago

Thats a shame. But then, we all move on someday.

Today: Windows 7

100 years time: ..... i dont know :/ how should i know

Hufandpuf2192d ago

I'm still rockin SP3, I see no need to upgrade just yet.

dirthurts2191d ago

How about true multicore support? DX10/11?
Security? 64 bit? The games that are no longer supporting XP? Protecting your identy?
None of that is worth pulling out the wallet?
Hmmm. I must be missing something.

Hufandpuf2191d ago

I haven't had any of that happen to me. Besides, I was thinking about building my own PC anyways, complete with W7 and and a Nvidia card for games. Just not right now. My current laptop doesn't need an OS upgrade right now.

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