THQ Reveals Roster For WWE’ 13

THQ has announced the following WWE superstars as playable characters in WWE’ 13.

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DC19802288d ago

Wow, 8 wrestlers

You call that a roster reveal?

optimus2288d ago

i don't see the need for teasers as we're all pretty much sure that most if not all of the wrestlers currently with the company will be in the game, announcements like this should be kept for past wrestlers...have they announced the Legion of Doom yet, or Demolition? now THAT'S what I'm talking about.

iXenon2288d ago

How did this get through? Those 8 were announced alongside the game last month.

WeskerChildReborned2288d ago

Yea i know and they were on the first trailer so that pretty confirms them.

tr00p3r2288d ago

Misleading title. These characters have already been confirmed in gameplay trailers. Shocking.

jbl3162288d ago

Yea man, this is old news.

Hanuman2288d ago

Mark Henry looks like a bitch with a beard..