The World First Hardcore Inferno Diablo Kill Has Happened

The ultimate feat in Diablo 3 has finally happened. With just over an hour before the server came down to nerf Inferno mode, Kripparrian has vanquished the game's final boss in not just Inferno mode but also Hardcore. Over 45,000 viewers tuned in to watch the event unfold. Screenshots inside!


Originally Bashiok, community manager for Blizzard, denied the world first kill. Now, he has corrected himself. Links to both tweets are now in the post.

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Cennus1951d ago

I can't even beat Act I inferno let alone even attempt hardcore. :(

PrimeLantern1951d ago

I get so far into Act I Hardcore and realize I die a number of times each difficulty mode normally. I just don't want to lose my character after putting that time in.

adorie1951d ago

Made it to Act 4 Inferno,got most of the Inferno achievements behind the last 3 acts. I am satisfied.

I am glad to be this far before the nerf. Seeing as how Blizzard themselves couldn't even get far into their own creation,shipping the game to us harder than that.

Mounce1951d ago

Blizzard has no idea how to do 'Balance' anymore. Blizzard North with Diablo 2 made a god damn decently balanced game Runewords to me are what made it a crippled mess of overly-uber powered, making sets and uniques basically useless and pointless to have except for a few Rings and Amulets.

Blizzard didn't balance SC2 right, Fans complained, they're eternally trying to fix it and nerf things, Diablo 3 suffered the same fate, the difference is that they know if they fuck up in balance, majority won't complain but will certainly exploit it, and for difficulty, people will whine but will be of a minority and even if it's stupid-difficult in an unfair way, there will just be Less people beating the game on Hardcore, it will still be 'Possible' but a rarity. :/ A good and bad thing, it's hard enough where it alienates realistic achievements and a sense of victory due to poor balance, poor design and poor choices of enemy swarms and mini-bosses, but at the very least 'If' you make it, you will feel Special in beating it.

nukeitall1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

I wish they linked to this video:

"Forever. I recently saw a video on Kotaku showing a player dying at the end of Act II in Inferno while playing a Hardcore character. His reaction was not only priceless but horrific. I can’t imagine losing something I put so much work and hours into without even an ounce of a chance to get it back."

edit: I think it was this video here

I was expecting more of a reaction.

TopDudeMan1951d ago

Diablo never stood a chance. How do you kill that which has no life?

TheIneffableBob1951d ago

lol, honestly I'm kinda jealous though. All he does is play games and since he gets tens of thousands of viewers, he can put commercials on his channel. Probably makes a couple thousand a month from that.

TopDudeMan1951d ago

Actually, you'd be surprised. Live streamers lose so much money to people who run adblockers on their channel.

jeenyus1951d ago

They don't get money only from ads, it's the views. 1.000.000 views = $10.000 or so.

C_Menz1951d ago

It's not as easy as it seems. A lot of work needs to be put in just to make a few cents.

pixelsword1951d ago

You give it life.

Then you kill it.

NeoTribe1951d ago

I couldn't do it. Id blow my face off if I died at that point.

Mythicninja1951d ago

Meanwhile in the real world, everyone else works for a living

SuperStrokey11231951d ago

You are posting that on N4G? What is the point of it. Just go off and leave here then.

Zha1tan1951d ago

Wait you dont mean the same "real world" were you came onto a gaming article to trash talk someone playing a game, do you?

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The story is too old to be commented.