The 10 best PlayStation shooters

There are shooters, then there are *shooters*. While the FPS genre is pretty packed at the best of times some trigger games rise clearly above the pack: these are those – the top shooters on PlayStation.

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Yi-Long2130d ago

... Where is Vanquish!?

NewMonday2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

Vanquish for me was THE best pure action single player shooter in maybe ever.

for 3D it is the nearest thing to what Contra was in 2D

KZ2 has the best single player and a good MP, Warzone is unique.

maybe Sony can bring the best of their shooter games to a new PS4 game, maybe reboot KZ and give it:
Warzone with 64 players
250 player from MAG
rush from BF (steal it)
from SOCOM add Last Defense,Bomb Squad(maybe add it to Warzone) .
64 player run and gun

zeal0us2130d ago

Vanquish could easily replace Singularity.

I was expecting more Playstation exclusive.

Y_51502130d ago

What a stupid list! The only PS3 exclusive you see is Killzone and they mentioned it last. There is no Resistance being mentioned at all. To top it off it's uk!

CaptainSheep2130d ago

If not Resistance 3, at least put Resistance 2 in it. :/

SonyStyled2130d ago

i agree with you there. R1 probably beats them all for what it was for its time. very controversial article, i dont really agree with much of it

SonyStyled2130d ago

thats in their follow up article titled top ten worst shooters on playstation

deletingthis346753342130d ago

The majority of which can be played on other platforms. This is one of the most boring official magazine articles I have ever read.