Over Twenty Minutes of Dead Space 3 Gameplay

CONS: This clip is almost entirely narrated by one of the developers, a practice which only marketing types enjoy. You could mute it, but then you'd lose the sound effects as well.

PROS: It's over twenty minutes of Dead Space 3 footage. Just gameplay.

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Ashunderfire861952d ago

Cool!!! and without the GTTV commericals too.

Thatguy-3101952d ago

The environment needs to be more scary. IMO that's what really makes a horror game. The atmosphere needs to be gruesome and pull off a feeling of dispair. I'm not judging this game until I see more. If most of the game is invloved in the snow atmosphere then I will think it has less scares.

rdgneoz31952d ago

Monsters aren't so scary when you have a partner attracting all their attention...

JaredH1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

If you don't play coop there is no AI partner to atract attention...

Tachyon_Nova1952d ago

Seriously they never were, and I say that as someone who typically jumps at frightening moments in movies. People need to harden the f**k up :)

rogimusprime1952d ago

Just cause daddy beat you doesn't mean those of us are P**sies for getting scared :P I have surround sound and play those games in the dark on a 52 inch TV. The more immerse you are in your environment, the more real it becomes. That said, having someone for help doesn't make it as bad, RE5 wasn't the least bit scary.

MySwordIsHeavenly1952d ago

That's such a bad camera angle for Steve's head. It makes his face look deformed. Lol.

On topic, the game looks great! I can't wait to play it!

AusRogo1952d ago

I cant wait to play this.. I know it probably wont be as scary as the others but I want to see the story till the end..

r211952d ago

game looks stunning. so is there co-op in the main campaign or is it separated?

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