5 Games that Need to be Made (and Who Should Develop Them)

PlayStation Euphoria Writes: "There are a lot of developers out there and a lot of games they have made. From a history of game-making however, certain developers make styles for themselves where any game out of their studio will have a distinct difference from other games. Whether it is the genre, the setting, or the style, etc. These distinctions make certain developers stand out and make them the best choice to make certain games. This list will run down 5 of the games I think should be made and who I think should make them due to the distinctions I pointed out."

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Maddens Raiders2133d ago

Heavenly Sword 2. Santa Monica Studios.

Wenis2133d ago

Keep DICE away from SWBF please.. they already ruined the BF franchise and I would hate to see another of my favorite franchises fall. Plus I don't know if I could handle anymore blue filter

NukaCola2133d ago

Bushido Blade 3 please....

I also would love to see Rock Star take on the last 100 years of Japanese film culture and make a good open world Samurai game. I want something mixed between Way of the Samurai and Samurai X/Rouroni Kenshin. Travel around and meet people and get into advenutres. You could work on your honor or your violent tyranny. I think they could do this one right. Futile Japan. I would love seeing references like a blind swordsmen moment or relive Seven Samurai. And they could even go a Zombie DLC route alas Red Dead with something like VERSUS.

vallencer2133d ago

^^ One could only hope!! No matter how bad the tenchu games got i bought every single one.

Bathyj2133d ago

Hey, they werent bad, they were awesome.

Tenchu Z is my favourite X360 game.

But I would love a really high quality AAA title.
This series has never got the treatment it deserved.

FarCryLover1822133d ago

#3 on the list: "Team Bondai." Sorry, they are no longer sadly and its Bondi. But if they were around, that'd be a good game.

andrewf912133d ago

Fixed! Thanks for the heads up!

Zha1tan2133d ago

Battlefront developed by DICE? only if EA had absolutely no say what so ever in the development.

bioware? sorry no...just no.

Bathyj2133d ago

Full Spectrum Warrior
Colony Wars
Battle Arena Toshinden
Crimson Skies

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