Digibred's Community Question Of The Week: Shorter VS Longer Games

Digibred pits shorter games versus longer games in this week's community question.

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joab7771918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

This is like asking do u like longer movies or shorter movies, longer books or shorter books? It isn't about length, its about quality. I am sure we will bitch enough that congress will get involved and force every developer to label the game with production costs so we can determine whether or not its worth it.

Yeah, I gravitate towards longer games because I love rpgs. Many ppl prefer games w short campaigns and online because they love FPS multi player. But i also play dead space and resident evil. Why? Because they are great games & apart from CoD players, fans of the FPS genre play other games too. Sometimes I love comedies but often I wanna see an epic 3 1/2 hour movie or a sci fi flick. I would hate it if War and Peace was 165 pages long but would be equally disappointed if short stories didnt exist. So, if a game is 6 hours long and has no replay value, I wait to buy it til it drops or rent it. Its amazing because developers figured this out awhile ago and added multi player to many games as well as dlc and pre order bonuses. This nudges gamers to purchase new. Also, if a game is too short or the quality is lacking, it won't sell. So, how do u answer a question like this? Easy. I prefer great games not long or short ones. I loved assassins creed and uncharted a lot more than risen and two worlds. But I love dragons dogma much more than army of two. If I had to choose between sky rim and bioshock, I would choose....both. That's the beauty of gaming. They keep coming.