Man turns an NES into the ultimate Nintendo-emulating machine (gallery)

Few gaming systems can create as much nostalgic glee as the Nintendo Entertainment System. Just looking at that grey box can bring any child of the ’80s to tears of joy. So why not use one to create the ultimate emulating machine?

That’s exactly what Reddit user woolydawg5 did. His machine, which uses the NES as a shell, can play games for that iconic system as well as for the Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and Game Boy. The device even includes controller ports for all of those consoles (minus the Game Boy, which was a portable system and didn’t use traditional controllers).

You can find an in-depth look at the modded NES in the gallery inside.

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Sadie21002190d ago

Now that's very cool. But call me when he can run everything up to the Wii U on it. :P

Hisiru2190d ago

This guy is a genius. Too bad he probably wouldn't sell it.

roblef2190d ago

Redditors are super cool nerdy like that.

acronkyoung2190d ago

I love seeing cool mods, but get sad when I realize I'm never going to make my own.

omarzy2190d ago

Needs to mass produce this thing.

3GenGames2190d ago

Can't run my game...unless you find the NES ROM. :P (Old picture to the left, guys drops bombs, you catch them in buckets, lol)

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