The Last of Us and Beyond A Rare Breed: Extinction of Originality

"E3 has come and gone and many Facebook walls, Tweets, and texts were given and received between gamers all across the country. They discussed the good, the bad, and the ugly. While there was a plethora of gamers expecting great news and new, original devices and games from the E3 press conferences, there were many others that did not. Expecting the same, recycled material that was fed to us in the previous E3 conferences, I along with many others can easily say that the ‘wow’ factor has worn off and we want more originality. Originality is becoming extinct in the gaming industry and we need to preserve it."

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Venomousfatman2136d ago

The demo during E3 this year for The Last of Us was pretty cool. Finally got to see more actual game play.

jsslifelike2136d ago

I'm hoping that The Last of Us is the first title to begin proving that the terms "hardcore" and "mature" need to go the wayside in order for gaming to progress as a medium.

black9112136d ago

People forget we still havent seen infected gameplay yet.

TruthSeeker2135d ago

Why did someone disagree with you?

Chuk52136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

Tbh, Last of Us isn't that original. I mean I am alive and countless other survival games have existed before it. It's a fresh take, an impressive one at that, but it's not necessarily flipping a genre on it's head with originality.

Edit: Beyond is a different story, I feel that game is pretty damn original.

THC CELL2136d ago

The last of us showed more than u think, ai beyond any game u have played is just one of them

xursz2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

The AI certainly looks impressive. And not just in the enemies but Joel and Ellie as well. The way Joel reacts to wounds, how the thug recognizes Joel's empty clip and moves in, and how Ellie picks up a rock in one room and holds onto it for later use, those are good examples.

Biggest2136d ago

"I mean I am alive and countless other survival games have existed before it."

Just like there have been games before. Pretty much every game since games were invented has had zero originality because. . . Well. . . They're games! Makes no sense, Chuk5. I Am Alive doesn't look or feel like The Last of Us. Resident Evil doesn't look or feel like The Last of Us. Quit yer trollin'!

Trebius512136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

The Last of Us is a product of a company who really enjoys their work, which showed from their work with the Uncharted series and their countless interviews with gaming journalists.

Uncharted was their "baby", and they wanted nothing more than to make a great game that they themselves would be proud of, and the fact that it garnered so much support and was beloved wasnt even their intention, but a byproduct of their love for their craft and their 'baby'.

A company like this is more valuable than any other, because many other companies stray from their original vision to be like other games and make whatever they think will sell, as opposed to just making something so good and innovative that itll sell on its own, if not with careful marketing by word of mouth.

Last of Us looks incredible, the AI is unlike any other game as stated above, the snippet we saw of the game was not even a fraction of the many situations in which we'll drop our jaws in awe and say to ourselves "HOLY crap did that jsuthappen???" Then replay the game and see the situation unfold in completely different ways.

This is a gem of a game. Haters will hate though.

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Moncole2136d ago

Beyonds gameplay will probably be similar to Heavy Rain.

ABizzel12136d ago

Actually it's very similar to Heavy Rain you can check out videos of it on Youtube. It's suppose to give you more control than Heavy Rain did, but it has the same QTE type gameplay which is fine by me, although a tad bit disappointing.

Trebius512136d ago

Their ability to tell a story is amazing, I dont even care if it plays like Heavy Rain did, the game is so unique and i loved it.

Not every game needs to be played the same as others. Heavy Rain and Persona have proven that games can be successful on their own merits.

QTE ftw. I want to feel like im playing a game, and watching a movie at the same time. I dont mind it at all, this developer has already shown us they can deliver a masterpiece of storytelling and visuals, and this game is to have much more action than Heavy Rain so we can expect to be amazed once again.

TruthSeeker2135d ago

Just because it plays like Heavy Rain in no way means it is disappointing! The game was exhilarating!

live2play2136d ago

cant tell the difference between uncharted and last of us
they look the same

point and click interactive movies

Machioto2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

@cacl You be tripping.

Trebius512136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

Obvious butt hurt troll...keyboard warrior for his console of choice (not ps3 i take it).

You must live a sad life buddy, i pity you most days, but other days i just laugh at ppeople so pathetic that they cant enjoy good games because of some delusional sense of belonging that they have for system that they wont play anything else... :)

I play games from every system...i dont bend my knee to just 1 console ... lol, terrible way to live, not playing all the best games. Just seeing one world instead of 3.

Maldread2136d ago

Yeah you`re sooo right CaCl.

I mean a pulp action, summer blockbuster game and the most brutal survival horror game i`ve seen, is totally the same.

And Uncharted 2 you only are in a buliding while a helicoper brings the whole thing down. IN REAL TIME. You`re only hanging from a beam while it destorys the beams you`re using for cover while you`re climbing for you`re life.

I think you`re confusing the therm with a videogame that looks and plays as good as it looks like a movie. If uncharted is a point and click interactive movie, than what is the rest of the 99% of games out there?

solidjun52136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

Funny how you complain about people talking negatively about the wii U and yet here you are talking negatively about a game not on the wii.

"point and click interactive movies"

I didn't know Uncharted was released on the PC.

cpayne932136d ago

Didn't you notice how incredible the ai is? How you can use stealth, and flank your enemies by going different directions? How you have to scrounge for things to keep alive, and how the game still moves in real time while you open your pack? It may have the presentation quality of uncharted, but the gameplay looks pretty varied, dontcha think?

XabiDaChosenOne2136d ago

Similarly how I can't tell the difference between you and the rest of the dumba** trolls on here. Thats why I just point and click the ignore button like I do all the rest.

live2play2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

haha xD
jeez you guys get so worked up

its funny to me how you all react xD
this guy TREBIUS is talking about living a sad life and all that, calm down man its a game and i just said it to have a laugh at peoples expense

yes i can tell the difference

and yes i will be playing the last of us
it looks to be revolutionary and i can see now other games trying to copy it in the future

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Jio2136d ago

As awesome as those games look, I don't really want any more dark and gritty stories. They're good, but the industry is over saturated with them (not saying Beyond and Last of Us won't be good, they'll be amazing) but I miss platformers and games like Ratchet and Clank. Those were really original.

Hellsvacancy2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

I understand what you mean, i cant think of many games lately that has made me smile and feel happy, Journey did but the game isnt very long

Theres too much seriousness in the world, everything has to grim to get peoples attention

Maybe i should i buy a Wii, there mostly kids games

Edit: TheKayle? wtf are you talking about, The Road has nothin in common with The Last Of Us, does it look like hes pushing a shopping cart in TLOU trailer? there not even on a "Road" there in a building, and instead of a whinney little boy theres a crazy little brick throwin, knife stabbin teenage girl

Yeah, The Road, go back and read the book IF you even have

BitbyDeath2136d ago

Disney Universe isn't too bad if your lookin for a co-op one. Bit repetitive at times but still can be a bit of mindless fun.

TheKayle2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

the last of just taken from The Road book....what originality....

or the movie..well that is

if someone had read that

noctrnl132136d ago

You obviously did not read the road or are not good at understanding text. Cormac McCarthy's story was nothing like the Last of Us. Maybe in post apocalyptic setting but other than that the similarities end.

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