R&B Films to Exclude HD DVD for Future Releases

Formatwarcentral reports that Richard Casey of R&B Films (who have released Chronos and Nature's Beauty on both HD formats) has announced that "we are excluding HD-DVD with respect to our future releases" in a forum posting on

Richard said that this decision was made prior to Warner's decision announcement and he cited "experience with the HD-DVD audience and the abuse I took in the AVS Forum" as his motivation to drop HD DVD support.

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still the worst3655d ago

who this
who cares
i guess they dont
want 2 make some money

pwnsause3655d ago

or maybe they dont want to keep prolonging this stupid war..

Cyrus3653655d ago

That's who they done projects with, take a look at their client list.

DrPirate3655d ago

Oh my God they worked on Chuck. I got the Prison Break season on Blu-Ray and I loved it, I would defintely rewatch Chuck in High-Definition.

zambrota3655d ago

thats blu ray exclusive


Cyrus3653655d ago

1.3 - 1.4

They worked on it in some form, doesn't mean those specific titles will blu-ray exclusive. But i'm just trying to point out there not some no name company either. Obviously there not big boys like Warner/Paramount/Sony/Disney/F ox etc..

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zambrota3655d ago

everyone abandons you when you are dead

Maddens Raiders3655d ago

R&B should've consulted w/ ITR and POG first. : P

zambrota3655d ago

pog already has a blu ray drive i guess

ITR3655d ago

Are you trying to butter my muffin raider.
I'm still not buying a PS3. I however might buy a BD player from Panasonic or Sharp once BD Live hits stand alones. But right now I'm just DLing everything because I need the cash reserve for a dp on a new house this yr.

MikeGdaGod3655d ago

"Richard said that this decision was made prior to Warner’s decision announcement and he cited "experience with the HD-DVD audience and the abuse I took in the AVS Forum" as his motivation to drop HD DVD support."

mistertwoturbo3655d ago

Interesting to see fanboys actually had a real effect... HD-DVD fanboys must have pushed and pushed and pushed, and POW right in the kisser. No more HD-DVD support.

It's a continuing downward's spiral for HD-DVD. They really, really need to just give up and starting making money off the blu-ray train.

LoydX-mas3655d ago

He obviously has never ventured over here and seen the way Blu-roids treat HD-DVD supporters.:)

Cyrus3653655d ago

That's kinda of crazy the forum posters has affected this companies decision in supporting it.

ravinash3655d ago

So does that mean that HD-DVD supporters are getting so shirty that now their even driving their supporters away.

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DFresh3655d ago

Time people wake up and finally see the real future that it lies with Blu-ray and the PS3.
SONY FTW!!!!!!!!!!!

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