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THQ's Jason Rubin: "Everyone's out there beating us up"

"We speak with the new THQ president to get his take on what needs to be done to get THQ back in the black, Jason Rubin, the co-founder of Naughty Dog and creator of the once hugely popular Crash Bandicoot, has a long history in the games industry. With Danny Bilson having recently left THQ and the publisher needing someone to drive its games strategy, the company looked to Rubin to overhaul its business and get it back to profitability. Whereas Bilson oversaw product development and marketing, Rubin, in the newly created role of president of THQ, is second only to CEO Brian Farrell and will have a larger impact on the publisher's future.", writes GamesIndustry. (Industry, Jason Rubin, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

zeal0us  +   1173d ago
THQ does a good job of beating itself up.
Zuperman  +   1173d ago
Dear THQ,

Sure it's rough right now at THQ, that doesn't you should complain. This happens to just about everyone when things aren't going their way, just go back to the drawing board and begin making phenomenal franchise's that gamers want to play.

Team N4G.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   1173d ago
Ah yes, that flame bait title really did its job...
Kinect  +   1173d ago
that is not a reply
Kran  +   1173d ago
But... Darksiders and Metro are Phenomenal franchises that gamers want to play....
SephirothX21  +   1173d ago
I think you need a bit more depth than that. Like maybe how to create amazing new franchises?
Shane Kim  +   1173d ago
Lol Zuperman, if that was the answer we wouldn't have shitty games.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1173d ago
Jason Rubin should have stayed with Naughty Dog.
Brawler  +   1173d ago
But where's the fun in that already have a successful company I think hes looking to try to save them, and bring back THQ to where they were.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1173d ago
Then I hope he succeeds.
Kinect  +   1173d ago
I hope he fails big time
Trebius51  +   1173d ago
I can see your age and immaturity when you say something as ridiculous as "I hope he fails".

Why you would wish negativity and harm on other people is beyond me ... they have families they need to feed and theyre people just like us trying to get by.

People like you need to be eradicated from this earth...holding back the humans as a species.

We all hope whoever you are, behind your little keyboard, that you fail at life in all ways possible kid, so you can see how ridiculous your comment is.
Disccordia  +   1173d ago
He left ND like.. Ten years ago
Parasyte  +   1173d ago

I couldn't have said it better myself.
ravinash  +   1173d ago
@ Kinect.

You hope he fails.


If he fails, then there will be less games to play.
If he is successful, but you don't like the game...don't buy them...it's that easy.

But what if he is successful, and then produces a game you like.

Maybe you would like to think these things through before making comments in the future.
morganfell  +   1173d ago
I think Kinect is right and Trebius is the one being pompous.

You have to gall to say Kinect is holding back the human race because of his one comment? Okay, let's play that game and bear in mind I am not pretending to be morally superior or mature.

Do you think your attitude is one to which the human race should evolve? Instead of using an adult approach that clearly demonstrated why THQ needs to survive you regressed into the very creature you claim to despise in people like Kinect.

You fail to understand his desire to see harm befall someone then in the next breath you wish him eradicated. People in glass houses...

In that response you also forego mentioning why Kinect was wrong.

In many ways THQ needs to fail. Big time. That have had a host of IPs they have squandered. For every 1 good title like Darksiders they have 10 they have shoved onto the gamer with nothing more than millions in marketing. Their support mechanism is likely the worst in all of gaming. The sooner some of these valuable IPs such as Warhammer are out from under the thumb of THQ the better all gamers will be.

"Well he is trying to turn the company around." It isn't going to happen. If I thought it possible I would be all for a second chance. But it took more than one person to destroy THQ and many of the problem children are still around. Several IPs in the pipeline at THQ are being wasted for a quick buck and will not get the TLC and financing they deserve. That is a disservice to the gamer and a blight on the community in general.

I warned people months ago Itagaki's title at THQ was a steaming pile and he and Valhalla were about to be dropped from THQ. Everyone here laughed and attacked. Some of the PM's I received were astounding in their ability to assemble so many vulgarities and misspellings into a single sentence. Then again responses on N4G were not exactly lackluster. About 6 weeks went by and then suddenly no one was laughing.

Things are bad at THQ right now, really bad, and the new Fresh Prince has done nothing to straighten out those issues at the studio level that are ruining titles.
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dead_eye  +   1172d ago

You clearly didn't read Trebius51's comment

"Why you would wish negativity and harm on other people is beyond me ... they have families they need to feed and theyre people just like us trying to get by. "

That would be why Kinect was wrong.

Hate for the sake of hate is pointless.

And who's to say one person isn't the reason for the downfall of THQ. If the person at the top has the crap ideas then there's not much you can do. All shit rolls downhill.

And how long has "the fresh prince" been in charge. Can you just make changes with the click of a finger in a big company.
Diver  +   1172d ago
all you dudes are missin kinects point. he wasnt hating the guy. why did you jump to that point. an what's better, one guy lose his job or another 100? he ain't done nothing to fix the bleeding.

but apparently everybody thanks this is a personal attack instead of a guy like kinect knowing its time for that to go. the game industry will be better off once the gangrene is cut off.
SilentNegotiator  +   1173d ago
Hey, THQ! Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself, stop....stop it, THQ! Seriously, you're going to give yourself a concussion!
Kinect  +   1173d ago
u said stop four times thus da disagrees :) take care
nukeitall  +   1173d ago
I don't seeing, the president acknowledging mistakes and weaknesses is the first step towards correcting it. Way worse to hear a president say, everything is fine while the company is tanking!

That is what was going on with THQ in the past.
SheenuTheLegend  +   1173d ago
they need to make the wrestling games like hctp
those were awesome.
now these days they make wrestlers like they have not eaten something from last 10 days
ATi_Elite  +   1173d ago
Dear THQ

You screwed up the Red Faction series so until you fix it........YOUR CURSED!!!

Red Faction was the second reason why i bought a PS2 (DVD player was #1) and the game is a CLASSIC!

every RF game since has failed miserably in comparison to the fun i had with Red Faction.

So if you want the curse lifted i suggest you go all out and make a PROPER Red Faction 2 but until then i suggest you start shopping for Bankruptcy Lawyers.
LordMe  +   1173d ago
I am just mad that they dropped Devil's Third.
HammadTheBeast  +   1173d ago
NYC_Gamer  +   1173d ago
THQ beat themselves up by making poor business choices
HammadTheBeast  +   1173d ago
Do people even really play Wrestling games?
vortis  +   1173d ago
They didn't fail at their core games, they failed trying to do piss-poor cash-in jobs on casual games.

They blew all their money on that UDraw crap and it backfired and they lost ALL their capital because of it.
DwightOwen  +   1173d ago
I play Rumble Roses, or at least I did until fucking Sony locked away BC in their consoles.
optimus  +   1173d ago
@hammad... Back in the day, my 2nd game for the nes was pro wrestling. Then tecmo wrestling blew that out of the water. Wrestlefest was one of the few games i would always put more than one quarter for at the arcades...Now some 24 yrs later i still look forward to a good wrestling game, and is usually a selling point that i look for in a console... So to answer your question,..yes we do.
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Kinect  +   1173d ago
oh really Mr Pachter ?
jjdoyle  +   1173d ago
anbody ask for the draw tablet on ps3 and 360? not many that i remember. own fault.
Dlacy13g  +   1173d ago
THQ gets beat up, but they also have been cut a lot of slack. Nobody wants to see them go under, and many keep hoping they will figure it out. There biggest issue (IMO) they lack a true Mega Ton franchise... Saints Row is great but its mostly looked at as GTA's step brother & its just put out its 3rd game in the series... Darksiders IP is Zelda like...UFC...err...its gone. Homefront ... generic COD game... I can't think of others right now...but I think that says something right there. THQ needs new fresh IP that is done AAA level and not a clone or generic verson. Something to really hang their hat from and say this...this is the new face of THQ and this is the quality bar moving forward.
Ravenor  +   1173d ago
Company of Heroes and Dawn of War are pretty close to that. It's just to bad and kinda sad that Saints Row is the only thing in their roster thats gotten close to those two quality wise.
InTheLab  +   1173d ago
Metro Last Light and 2033 should be their main franchise, but since it's not a CoD clone, they didn't bother advertising it in favor of that generic trash shooter Homefront.
Cosmo811  +   1173d ago
Did you seriously just compare Darksiders to Legend of Zelda?

Are you fucking kidding me?
lategamer  +   1173d ago
Darksiders is probably the closest game to Zelda out on PS3 and 360.
blue_flowers  +   1173d ago
well here's a list off wiki to show you their recent publishing history, http://en.wikipedia.org/wik... think its quite obvious there were some very poor decisions made on their part.
Y_5150  +   1173d ago
This is funny!
blue_flowers  +   1173d ago
the link got messed up here's a new link to the same list; http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...
Y_5150  +   1173d ago
That first link was funny because it showed no games though haha. But THQ never was that major publisher for me. They have a few good franchises like Darksiders and Saints row. Right now they need to make something that can be as great and popular as like Ubisoft's Rayman and Assassin's creed!
Y_5150  +   1173d ago
Oh No! THQ is being bullied! *Looks away*
waltyftm  +   1173d ago
Ignorance is bliss.
respawnaction  +   1173d ago
Homefront can stick around. I think it at least deserves a sequel.
PygmelionHunter  +   1173d ago
Hell no! This gen gave us enough shooters for a life time or two...
Tuxedo_Mask  +   1173d ago
For THQ to be getting beat up people would actually have to acknowledge their existence first.
redDevil87  +   1173d ago
That wasn't very nice. I'm not going to fund your kickstarter campaign now.
wallis  +   1173d ago
I'll give them a second chance but red faction armageddon was hard to forgive.
FragMnTagM  +   1173d ago
Red Faction Guerrilla was awesome, then they released that turd of a game, Armageddon. It had some decent parts but the game was way to restrictive. The openness of Guerrilla is what made it great and then they took it away, what a horrible choice.
aliengmr  +   1173d ago
Rubin needs to watch what he says, especially since its his first week. Hinting that certain franchises might get cut is all well and good as long you got something to back it up.
kesvalk  +   1173d ago
i hope he fixes the poor choices in the warhammer franchise, first a dumbed down dawn of war 2, then a shooter? where is our warhammer 40k MMO? where is the true sequel to Dawn of war: soulstorm?

also, i don't know if the IP rights belong to sierra or Relic, but please, a new Homeworld to teach Sins of solar empire how to make a good 4D strategy game...
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Honest_gamer  +   1173d ago
they were making dow3, was supposed to be a very large scale dow1 (battle wise) and free to play however they relied on the company of hero's free to play to be a huge success and when it bombed they had to start from scratch with dow3 as it was made to be free to play :'( was actauly ament to be out between september and febuary now it'll probs take another 2 years
Neoprime  +   1173d ago
I hope they bring back Base-Building in Dawn of War 3.
Honest_gamer  +   1173d ago
@ neoprime
from what i read it will be dawn of war 1 with dawn of war 2's combat and will be on a much much larger scale an example would be dow1's 20/20 troop choice it could be 2000/2000 they might also be making it a point base game so u can join a 500,1000,1500,2000 etc game and they models would use the tabletop points, they were talking about having apocalypse sized games (titans etc)
310dodo  +   1173d ago
I applaud someone who has their eyes open.

THQ shot themselves with questionable decisions.

1 - Didnt build on the Open World of RF-Guerilla. Sequel was linear.

2- Homefront was a shaky launch. terrible single player/ terrible shooting

3- SR3 was Linear. I want SR4 too be SR2 on steroids
birdykilla  +   1173d ago
I believe gamers aren't as much suckers as they were in the past and that with the fact that more and more people have the internet for things like metacritic reviews and youtube gameplay videos, we've been suckered plenty of times with trailers and the like. Now we do tons of research before putting hard earned cash down on any title. Unless of course that title happens to be Call of Duty. THQ is going to have to show that they can still compete. Here's something make great games, put time and effort into creating something truly special like Rockstar does. RDR FTW!
kesvalk  +   1172d ago
you seem to forget how much ppl pay for day one DLC, content clearly cut from the game just to be sold separately, don't care about draconic DRM, etc.

gamers are way more suckers that in the past...
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RyuX19  +   1173d ago
THQ has always been a crappy company in my opinion. The only games I loved from them were the Saints Row series until Saints Row The Third. Hopefully this guy and make them better.
Soldierone  +   1173d ago
THQ needs to quit acting like a big publishing company, thats the issue. They are NOT EA or Activision or Ubisoft. They need to stay "smaller" and focus on AMAZING games. Thats why I originally fell in love with them. They made out there games that were fun.

They hit blockbuster status with a few games, and tried to create milk brands. DONT DO THAT. We don't want THQ to be a big publisher churning out pure crap to make bank, we have enough of those.....We want THQ to make quality games.

Personally THQ may be better off finding a publisher. Focus on making the games, let someone else advertise and sell it.
TooTall19  +   1173d ago
I want a good FPS Red Faction or a completely new IP. A solid new launch title for PS4 and Xbox 3 could be worth the risk.

Interesting how he thinks Call of Duty has great graphics.
#17 (Edited 1173d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
honkyjesus  +   1173d ago
The first thing he did was belittle and trivialize Saints Row 3 when he got to THQ. Stop beating yourself up, tired of douchebags like this guy.
MasterD919  +   1173d ago
He should have let the elephant sit quietly in the room...

THQ has had its fair share of failures recently, coupled with a bunch of so-so game releases, followed by a transition into mainly sub-par games that could never reach cult status...

Back to the drawing board as they say...THQ needs to think long and hard about what they are releasing.
krisq  +   1173d ago
We're sorry.
Bowzabub  +   1173d ago
Don't they have Darksiders 2 coming this summer? Sorry if I'm wrong. If so, that is a franchise they should stick with. I know the developers are Volition but I could swear that they are a part of THQ.
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TheMutator  +   1173d ago
Honest_gamer  +   1173d ago
u have the warhammer video game license USE THEM!!! space marine was amazing sold over 2 million but they wont be making a 2Nd one because it will cut the potential profits of there new MMO game for warhammer?? WTF is that bullcrap, look at your recent ventures like free to play company of hero's that bombed and u lost out on millions + dawn of war 3 was in production to be free to play because they thought company of hero's free to play was going to be a big success and they had to start from scratch on dow3, meaning they lost even more money, all they have to do is make games that are making them money (dawn of war, warhammer, wwe, and a few others) and stop making the ones that dont make any money (free to play games, while some of the F2P games are amazing thq failed, homefront i heard it sold less than a million but they are making no 2 where space marine sold over 2 million and they wont be making no 2, yeh because that makes sense)
the warhammer franchise ALONE can make them loads of money there's probs more mythologys, stories, history etc than the entire star wars franchise's, i would love a warhammer game where it's set during the horus heresy like the drop site masicure or set during the Badab war, they could even make a pretty good horror game lets say u play as a grey knight sucked into the warp thats filled with gore, death, demons etc but they go for an mmo instead :/
EazyC  +   1173d ago
Haha look at those puppy dog eyes! Stop feeling sorry for yourself, man.
Gamer1982  +   1173d ago
They need to stick what works and stay away from crap like are you smarter than a 5th grader and the MX series which always sells terrible
YodaCracker  +   1173d ago
The only game I'm looking forward to from THQ is South Park: The Stick of Truth, and THQ's name being on the game only worries me about its quality.
NiteX  +   1173d ago
Space Marine 2!
MadMen  +   1172d ago
Jason Rubin is a cool guy, I respect him has been a great part of the gaming industry

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