Pennsylvania Governor Defends Videogames and Supports the ESRB

Ripten's Dan Landis writes: Unlike the vast majority of politicians, Pennsylvania State Governor Ed Rendell is not a self-righteous prick when it comes to videogames. In fact, he supports the ESRB's rating system, and he'll even go on TV to prove it.

Governor Rendell recently teamed up with the ESRB to create a public service announcement educating parents on the ESRB's rating system and how it can benefit their families. The PSA will run on both television and radio.

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Twizlex3617d ago

Wow. Videogames and politics... and it's good news? I'm speechless. I want to move to Pennsylvania so I can vote for that guy and keep him in office.

Cyrus3653617d ago

A definite rarity, a politician not blaming games, but educating the parents, that need to use this rating system to make informed decisions.

Twizlex3617d ago

My avatar is delicious.

Dmack793617d ago

I live in Pennsylvania. So I guess i don't have to worry about some kind of ban against video games for a long while.

Cyrus3653617d ago

That's assuming he stays in power.

SRuN43617d ago

atleast i dont have to worry.

Jeedai Infidel3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

Wouldn't it be cool to someday have a good president that was also an avid gamer? Dreamland, I know, but I've always wondered if it came to be and the president was playing an online shooter...would he have secret service backing him up?

Suki033617d ago

Do employees actually stop people from buying games if they are under-aged?

SRuN43617d ago

yes they do. happened to a poor kid in front of me this past week who tried to buy call of duty 4 but didnt have id. felt sorry for him.

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