PlayStation 4 is coming, but will Sony be ready?

PSU writes: "What you own will soon be dated.Sony and Microsoft's refusal to give the next generation of consoles even a passing mention at E3 was the loudest silence I've heard in years. Sure, plenty of games were shown by both parties, but make no mistake: the seventh generation has crossed the threshold and is waving goodbye. Is Sony ready?"

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SPAM-FRITTER-1232098d ago

i don't think sony will release a new console at all. im not sure if they have enough money for production.

Waddy1012098d ago

HAH! You must be delusional.

DG902098d ago

Sony has had losses... But they are not poor they can & will make another console.

Thatguy-3102098d ago

Playstation is there profitable division why wouldn't they fallow with a successor to the ps3. I honestly can't wait to see what Next Gen will bring. Can't wait to see if PS9 becomes real /s lol

Jazz41082098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

I think they will release a ps4 but I don't expect a powerhouse system as Sony can't afford to take the initial loses on hardware. This is MS chance to kick sony while they are down and this could get very interesting. Sony is trying to get away from the arrogant attitude they have had this gen and go back to basics as you see in there campaign we are about the gamers. I do however don't believe a word of this campaign but when a company's back is against the wall they will try anything as hearing the crap that sony has said this gen to there latest is a 360 turn around and I don't believe it. Sony is in desperate times and I don't want to see them fail I'm happy to see there arrogance and the arrogant fans of system not games get knocked on their ass. Just my opinion. To the person above me stating ps is proiftable...then why has sony erased all the money they made on ps1 and ps2 in loses on the ps3. This is common information available to anyone. I would not exactly call that a profit powerhouse. Even there latest statements show the ps division lost them 230 million alone.

nukeitall2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Although I don't think Sony will quit console business, SPAM-FRITTER-123 puts forward a good point.

Sony as a company is worth less than $14 billion. An investment into a console could cost them a half a billion in losses alone from console sales, not to mention investments into operations and infrastructure the first year! That's to say 1/20 of what Sony is worth in the first year alone. Ouch!

With new president and investors hawking the turn around, any negative news will hammer that stock further so they can't afford to post huge negative financials.

Expect that investment from Sony to to be a lot less, and if they can, they will defer it to 2014 and hopefully reap some gains from the PS3, but that is under pricing pressure! PS Vita isn't exactly a success, and a price drop like Nintendo 3DS isn't possible.

Suddenly it is looking pretty blea, and Sony ain't in a sweet spot, that's for sure.

Thecraft19892098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

nukeital I don't know why your getting so many disagrees. I've got a massive comment history that shows I'm no anti Sony. Ps3.PC Is just my gaming preference.

Now I do think people are underestimating the problems Sony have at moment. I hope they can turn it around but there heading in really bad direction.

Also giving how many new amazing IP's they've brought out and just how they've supported the ps3 this gen I just hope they can recover, as hands down In consumer support and varying genre of games there top in market. It's sad the ones booming are the ones who ****** of the hard core market.

nukeitall2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )


Disagrees don't bother me, and that doesn't change facts. It's a case of ignorance is a bliss. Not that it should matter to end-user anyhow.

Fact of the matter is, Sony is in the worst position of the three console manufacturers.

MS is full of cash, has a diversified customer base, and view Xbox as an important stepping stone to keeping the company relevant.

Nintendo albeit has a sketchy next generation plans, don't sell hardware at a loss. They will survive even if Wii U doesn't do too well. They also have 3DS to rely on, earnings from Wii and a very strong first party studios.

Sony on the other hand is on a 31-year low stock value, after inflation it is even more dismal. Their latest annual financials spelled out reduced PS3 sales from expectations even after the recent price drop. Major layoffs, huge pressure to turn the company around and watchful eyes of investors scrutinizing your spending doesn't generally result in huge investments or innovation for that matter.

Bottom line, Sony has never been in worse position.

Since you are a fan of PC games, I think PC is on an uptick to my surprise. I think cheap games, and proliferation of PCs helps a lot. The console manufacturers dragging their feet until next generation is also helping PC.

Clarence2098d ago

What country are you from. There will definitely be a PS4.

WeskerChildReborned2097d ago

Lol do you see how much people agree with you? Now look at the disagrees. Those people who disagreed are smart.

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WeskerChildReborned2097d ago

My body is ready to pick up a new Playstation. Hopefully has some good launch titles.

PSN_StEaLtHy852098d ago

Yes! They're freakin ready!

sway_z2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )


C'mon dude, you gotta be kiddin' lool ;/

*Well now you've had your 5 minutes of fame..can we get some sensible comments please!

Hicken2098d ago

And he'll KEEP getting another 5 minutes. Although the type of trolling he does is supposed to result in a ban, he'll be here in five, six months saying the same things. Just look at LOGICWINS and EvilDead: both can frequently be found trolling Sony articles, yet they GAIN bubbles instead of losing them. It's astounding.

On topic: I think Sony's far more ready than people give them credit for. I mean, it's not like they didn't see these losses coming months ago, and it's not like they're just gonna wait until the last second to start R&D on the PS4. I wouldn't be surprised if they already have a production cost estimate, and are trying to squirrel away some funds to lessen the blow of that price.

I mean, when you decide to do a big project around the house, do you wait until the last second before trying to scrounge up the cash and acquire all your materials, or do you do these things as far ahead of time as possible?

sway_z2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Hicken I'm inclined to agree with you....

As for SPAM-FRITTER-123 he clearly likes to evoke reaction, and he seems pretty effective at it.

In a weird sort of way, we need people like him....

To laugh at! ;)

maniacmayhem2098d ago

I find it funny that you're on this new kick to drop names behind their backs. It's truly a cowardly thing to do and says a lot about who you really are.

Why even respond to the OBVIOUS flame bait that is Spam Fritter? We all know without a doubt that sony has and WILL release PS4.

Will they be ready? How could they not. Will WE be ready? I for one have been ready for new systems to drop ever sice 2012 hit. I cant wait to see what the new system will bring to the masses.

nukeitall2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Problem is, even if you budget in advance it doesn't mean you can afford it. It just means you are better prepared for it.

I want that 10 million dollar home next year, doesn't mean I can afford it.

Typically a console launch of the type Sony is embarking on cost a *loss* of $100-$300 per unit. After 10 million sold the first year, you are looking a $1-3 billion in losses. On the low end, that is 1/14 of what Sony is valued for the entire company!

Does Sony even have enough cash on hand to cover that right now?

They also got the PS Vita, and the rest of the ailing electronics business. With investors scrutinizing the financials, Sony ain't got much room to do anything. Better post some good quarters soon after firing all those people.

So yeah, Sony is in the sh!thole and a huge investment on PS4 is unlikely. Sony can't even justify all the gains from PS1 and PS2 dwarfs the amount of losses from PS3. Good luck asking for cash infusion on favorable terms!

Sony is in a sheithole and there is nothing that looks bright at the moment.

AngelicIceDiamond2098d ago

I think it depends on when The Last OF us and Beyond: 2 Souls gets released and Sly 4. If its Holiday 2013, then expect Sony to release the PS4 in 2014. Those 3 games are Sony's Biggest releases so far.

etownthree2098d ago

If your right... And Sony does release in 2014.... That could be bad news.

Cause I don't see MS making any announcements for games that will get pushed into holiday 2013, reason being.... I would bet the house the next Xbox gets released holiday 2013. That would make it 8 yrs on the market.

Does Sony really want MS to get another year head start? In Nintendo 2?

archemides5182098d ago

dude sly 4 is not a big release, it's ok but not marquee and the gameplay shows it. let's not forget that god of war 2 was released after the ps3 came out so just because it's big doesn't mean that it has to come before the ps4. i'm sure they'll make ps3 games for a little while after the ps4 is out (in parity with the vita, like how motorstorm artic edge was a psp/ps2 title)

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