These Are The Top XBLA Titles As Voted By The Community

When you check the Xbox 360 Dashboard now, you’ll notice that there is a new Player’s Picks ad on the forefront. This new page outlines the top Xbox Live Arcade titles, as voted by the community.

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coolbeans2197d ago

Very surprised to see neither of the Geometry War games listed. Not that much love for platformers either.

Emilio_Estevez2197d ago

Agreed, that list seems wrong for some reason. Who did they ask and was the voting tampered with somehow?

Yi-Long2197d ago

... I'm missing Trials Evo, Battlefield 1943, and TBH I feel ilomilo should also be on this list. And where's Fez!?

Only 3 games in this top 10 that I agree with: SMB, Defense Grid, and Shadow Complex.

The other games are good as well, but not 'top 10 good', as far as I'm concerned.

BringingTheThunder2197d ago

dont see how it would be tampered with.

TrendyGamers2197d ago

I was surprised with the exclusion of Trials and Geometry Wars, seemed like they should have been at the top.


They probably didn't count recent releases, which is why Fez isn't on there.

Moncole2197d ago

Those are some really great games.
Iron Brigade
Shadow Complex
Super Meat Boy
Orcs Must Die!
Gunstar Heroes

These are all amazing.

OneAboveAll2197d ago

I expected more. No Battlefield 1943? Only one of the best if not THE best MP arcade game on there.

Paul852197d ago

Super meat boy is my favorite I hope it gets a sequel

TrendyGamers2197d ago

Team Meat is working on the iOS version of the game right now.

LAWSON722197d ago

No castle crashers= fail