The Next Generation of the Unity Game Engine Unveiled

DSOGaming writes: "Unity Technologies, provider of the Unity multi-platform engine and development tools, is excited to announce Unity 4, the next generation of the Unity development platform. The launch of Unity 4 demonstrates the platform’s AAA push that levels the playing field between the largest and the smallest studios, enabling anyone from the most indie game designer to the biggest multinational AAA studios to develop amazing groundbreaking games, and effortlessly deploy to multiple platforms. Customers who pre-order Unity 4 will be offered early access to the Unity 4 beta."

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anonym2370d ago

The Linux support is huge. Between this, Kickstarter, and the Steam client port, the number of games available on Linux is going to explode over the next few years.

grandmasterhack2370d ago

Don't see why people are disagreeing with you. this just means more REAL games on Linux, Android & better ones on Windows Windows w/ DX11

DJ2370d ago

I'm still sticking with CryEngine 3 for my game.

GillHarrison2370d ago

You must have some deep pockets if you intend to sell the game commercially. For us small developers, Unity is a absolutely fantastic engine.

egidem2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

I'll have to second that.

Unless he's not planning to sell the game, commercially otherwise, he's looking at one hell of a f*cking steep licensing fee!

Unity is absolutely great! I'm enrolled in a 3 year game development program and I can tell you how much Unity has helped me out. Getting down to simple ideas and quickly prototpying them up in Unity is awesome.

I just wish I had the money to play around with the full version - would like to use it with my Android tablet, play with the pro version of the nice water, get that global illumination that I badly want etc.

Point being Unity is awesome.

SilentNegotiator2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago ) have 1.2 million dollars for the license?

STONEY42370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

You guys see the video of Gamebryo 4.0 from GDC 2012? Now that's the engine every game needs.

All jokes aside (except the video isn't a joke), Unity is a great engine for indie devs. Also, CryEngine's license fees are way to high for most of them.

SilentNegotiator2369d ago

It looked like some sort of mid-90s demonstration.

john22370d ago

Really hope that Wasteland 2 will be powered by this new version of the Unity Engine

john22370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

I know, ironic to answer to your own self but Brian Fargo has just revealed that Wasteland 2 will be, indeed, based on Unity Engine 4. Hooray!

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