Warhawk speedboat race

Warhawk speedboat race

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Lord Anubis3685d ago

looks more fun than fatal inertia.

jwatt3685d ago

AH man I want to try that.

gamesR4fun3684d ago

cant get enough of it
if you guys want to hook up and try some racing add me to your friends list
psn dferr

sonarus3684d ago

warhawk IS the bomb. however this isnt news.

mikeslemonade3684d ago

I think that was taken on a SDTV.

Ben10543684d ago

that this isnt the best game packed into 700mb file size

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an_idiot3685d ago

lol didn't know warhawk could be played this way. Won't be long till servers popup with this type of matches

i_like_ff73685d ago

lol warhawk can be played anyway you want. Me and my friends occationally do stupid stuff like taking a jeep up a cliff and then ramming it with a warhawk. IT sends the jeep FLYING!!! So much fun!!!

antoinetm3685d ago

haha exactly, thats the most fun u can have, especially during a match where u send the ennemy flag carrier in the lake.

sonarus3684d ago

lol thats a bs kill. when i play ctf i usually play offense and it sucks when they can't shoot me so they jst flip me with their planes. Especially when ur half way home.

Fighter3685d ago

Not really news but it belongs in the PS3 section of N4g.

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The story is too old to be commented.