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Heavy Rain Final Thoughts: A True Work of Art

#Random closes the book on one of this console generation's best works of art: Heavy Rain. In this opinion piece, the author recounts his major decisions and the emotions tied to each. This post contains major spoilers and talks at length about the unveiling of the game's captivating plot.

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Community2007d ago
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neutralgamer192007d ago

This game was thoroughly enjoyable and engrossing. I felt involved every steps and for ppl complaining about its QTE i is more than that. I enjoyed every second of it. I will be playing through it again very soon.

grifter0242007d ago

Have to agree with you. This is I think the only game I felt a truly deep emotional connection with the characters. The beginning with Ethan where he is playing with his kids I actually lost on purpose the "Sword," Fight because I think all dads would lose on purpose to their kids so they can be happy. I've never actually done that in any other game before where I took into account the characters feelings.

Hell when you get the kid the second time at your house I just sat at the table while he ate because Ethan felt so detached from his son and felt this is what Ethan would really do...or for that matter any father would do if he lost his kid.

I've played this game twice both playthroughs a year apart and on the second playthrough I was STILL getting different outcomes to certain things.

The people that allow themselves to get engrossed in the story of Heavy Rain will not be dissapointed, the only time people hate this game are people who go into games to just shoot something or try to beat the game as fast as possible to return it to Gamestop.

maniacmayhem2007d ago

This is definitely an opinion piece. The game was good and it was a nice change of pace from the rest of the crowd, but it had a lot of flaws and the QTE was way too abundant.

I did like the twist at the end because I did not see that coming at all.

Nice game, here's hoping that their next game will have more gameplay elements.

neutralgamer192007d ago

Grifter.... I felt literally sad and distraught for the brother and for the dad when he years had passed in the beginning of the game and everything is so gloomy. I felt his pain when he was in the shabby apt watching cartoons and it was like the life was taken out of both of them losing the brother. I never felt like that in a game before.

I have two sons so it was all the more engulfing and emotional for me thinking about how i would feel if i were in their shoes!!!!!

SimpleSlave2007d ago

"Heavy Rain Final Thoughts: A True Work of Art"

As opposed to what? A fake work of art? Games are a work of art, all of them. Now the subject of if they are good or bad, I believe that's subjective.

For me Heavy Rain is but a reminder of the FMV era, just turned up to eleven. My opinion is that if this is looked purely as a game, then it's just a bad design with poor controls, shallow gameplay and it robs the player of true immersion and control.
On the other hand if it's taken as a "movie" first, then it just plain suck. Bad acting, bad writing, and horrible pacing.

It was a novel experiment at something that might seem unique, but at the end it's just a disguised and misguided attempt at an adventure/interactive movie type game. And in no way revolutionizes the game industry. Maybe it moves forward the QTE style of gameplay, but not much else.


Objective2007d ago

Absolutely correct in your assessment. Heavy Rain tried to be an interactive movie with so-called innovative controls but failed to deliver on both counts. The conventional adventure game mechanics would have told the same story without the cumbersome, clumsy and oft pointless controls.

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