Ubisoft To Have A Splinter Cell Movie In The Works

After revealing one of the most wickedly dangerous games at this year’s E3, Splinter Cell Blacklist, reports claim that Ubisoft are now looking into a movie deal.

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astroanthony2375d ago

Who do you want to play Sam Fisher?

Ashunderfire862375d ago

George Clooney is my top pick, and he is at least 8 years younger. Pierce Brosnan is still good I comment about him on my post without knowing that you comment about him first.

coolbeans2375d ago

Just dye my hair black, give me a personal trainer to help me put on 20-30 more pounds of muscle, and you're good to go. :)

Ashunderfire862375d ago

George Clooney would be great for the role, did you see him in the movie The American? Maybe retired Jame bond Pierce Brosnan. Both man in their 50s still have that action movie feel in them.

HaMM4R2375d ago

if pierce brosnan played him, it would just be james bond with a different name.

avengers19782375d ago

If Sam is older go Bruce Willis

TGF_Zero2374d ago

George Clooney or Pierce Brosnan my top pics.

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user54670072375d ago

"Jake Gyllenhaal, Shia Labeouf"


Is this guy high

No No and No

Paradicia2375d ago

They should go for a fairly unknown actor that actually looks like Sam.

jamesensor2375d ago

Sometimes people post here gaming news related to the games themselves and they get reported for not being "gaming related". Now this article has 7 approvals and it's about a movie based on a game lol way to go. (I don't really care that much, I'm just pointing out the incoherence)

Hicken2374d ago

It's a movie based on a game based on books. Is this even Ubisoft's decision to make? Wouldn't they have to get the OKAY from Tom Clancy first?

jamesensor2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Probably everyone gets a share of the cake, they just have to come to an agreement where all parties give a go on this.

Zovfreullia2375d ago

I say Daniel Craig or Clive Owen.

daggertoes832375d ago

It will not be someone who has played James bond. Pierce to old and Craig is doing bond right now. Splinter cell producers would not want people to think James bond while watching the fim. So no James bond actor.

Ashunderfire862375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

"Pierce to old and Craig is doing bond right now." Heck Bruce Willis(57) is at least 2 years younger than Pierce, and still have action movie feel in him:

Pierce can still do it. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger(64) and Sylvester Stallone(65) still have it in them for the next Expendables 2:

I guess your never too old to be in a action movie LOL!!! Don't get me started on Tommy Lee Jones(65) and Morgan Freeeman(75), because that is as far as it goes.

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The story is too old to be commented.