Assassin's Creed 3 offers "closest thing to being there" outside of time travel

Ubisoft's Matt Turner, leader writer for Assassin's Creed 3, says that thanks to the historical records of the American Revolution being so "vast and deep" the team can 'recreate it'.

All of our Assassin's targets "are real people," and drop at the "right place at the right time." The battle of Bunker Hill is a great example because of weather, topography and casualty records.

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Lior1891d ago

I beg to differ there was no secret assassin on the loose killing British soldiers in the thousands

Fishy Fingers1891d ago

Try reading more than the headlines.

chanmasta1891d ago

How do you know? Was you there?

Trenta271891d ago

^^You deserve a cookie. That's hilarious.

DeadSpaced1891d ago

*Were you there?

Seriously though man, that was hilarious. :D

gorebago1891d ago

Not to mention that none of us were every truly there to really know with a 100% accuracy what it was really like.

Spydiggity1891d ago

Larry King.

but he's probably not a fan.

Unztayble1891d ago

Open world colonial America. Good shit!

SirBradders1891d ago

ill let you guys know later im stuck in 2445 trying to prevent mass extinction.

CustardTrout1891d ago

Luckily, I have a time machine.

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