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Jenova Chen: next game should reach "mass audience"

Journey creator and Thatgamecompany boss wants Pixar numbers (Industry, Jenova Chen, Journey, PS3, Xbox 360)

NukaCola  +   1166d ago
Whatever Jenova and Kellee make, I'll buy.
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b_one  +   1166d ago
and how about quality?
segamon  +   1166d ago
what are you suggesting? be honest.
emekcrash  +   1166d ago
He's suggesting that they might make a bad game?
b_one  +   1166d ago
segamon - conversion problems, equal quality on all platforms...

multiplatform = problems with conversion, there will be no more help from Santa Monica and from Naughty Dog. Look at the delay they had with Journey, a year - imagine what would happend with other independent studio...
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neoandrew  +   1166d ago
b_one, no problem if there will be problems on ps3, they will just delay release on this platform and release it on normal architecture platforms like pc and xbox.
ShoryukenII  +   1166d ago
Why would there be problems on PS3 when that is where they have developed most of their games? They won't have problems developing anywhere.

Their games will look as great as they always have. It was never about the polygons. Its their art and they can convey that on any platform.
MaideninBlack  +   1166d ago
Kelee left the studio.
NukaCola  +   1166d ago
:( oh.

I trust thatgamecompany and I think they will deliver something unique as they have always done. I do wish they would reboot clOud for PSN/XBLA
rezzah  +   1166d ago
Do you know why kelee left?
grailly  +   1166d ago
it's a good thing I think, they'll be making one game each this way :D

@rezzah I don't remember her exact statement but it sounded like she wanted to make a game that was truely her's from beginning to end instead of working on Chen's ideas
MariaHelFutura  +   1166d ago
Someone (Sony) need to give these guys big budget $$$ and what they can really do.
Laxman  +   1166d ago
Why do Sony need to be the ones who do it? Seen the XBLA/PSN exclusive track records?

XBLA is the place to be for smaller devs.
DOMination-  +   1166d ago
They wanted to stay independent, I think
MariaHelFutura  +   1166d ago

They seem to enjoy working w/ each other, which is why I said them. If it ends up on XBL (the place to be), ill buy it on XBL.


Yes, they want to be independant. I'm just talking a game or 2nd party type situation. But, I would love it if Sony bought them, they would fit in well w/ their other developers.
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b_one  +   1166d ago
they were born for Sony cash... look at thier first production, Cloud - Sony gave them cash for a start and 3 game deal...
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Reaper9937  +   1166d ago
No exclusivity to PS3, no buy.
StraightPath  +   1166d ago
because you dont have the other console. you are closed minded and not a real gamer. Great games are avialble on each platforms and missing them out you cant not say your a hardcore gamer. Experience all platforms.
KwietStorm  +   1166d ago
Man I'm not even gonna comment on what he said, but some of you need to stop being force fed these mentalities on the net. The whole hardcore gamer thing has been tossed around more than Lindsay Lohan. There is no bar you have to pass to be more hardcore than the next, and the definition, if there is one, is too gray to even matter. It certainly shouldn't matter to you.
Reaper9937  +   1166d ago
Dude, you don't know me, you can't make assumptions like that and have absolutely no proof to back it up. In actual fact I have a PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, 3DS and PS VITA all bought on launch day.

Sorry if you think I'm closed minded, I'm just a strong believer in exclusivity to specific consoles. I would feel the exact same way if Halo or Mario became multiplatform.

Next time buddy, please don't jump to conclusion before knowing the facts.
DOMination-  +   1166d ago
Well then I feel sorry for you because last year you must have missed out on playing Skyrim, Deus Ex, Battlefield 3, Saints Row 3, Portal 2, Dead Space 2, etc. because they weren't exclusive
Laxman  +   1166d ago
@Reaper, your follow up defense comment just made you sound even dumber.

You wont buy a game from if its multiplatform if it was first an other console exclusive?

So you miss out on Limbo, BioShock, Witcher 2, Alan Wake, Mass Effect, Dark Souls.

Heck, almost every single big franchise started on a console that it isnt on today. You wont play a game today, because its first instalment was on the PS1, or the N64? Or isnt that in your rule book for ridiculousness?
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TheTwelve  +   1166d ago
Oh, and you're person who determines what a real gamer is, hmmm?
jimbobwahey  +   1166d ago
I think it's only a good thing if more people get to enjoy their games, but I can't help but wonder if going multiplatform could end up hurting them more than helping.

My main reasoning behind this thinking is because Sony funded the development of their games, and basically allowed them to make what they wanted and get to where they are today as a company. The thing is though, is that no other publisher would dare touch the type of games that TGC makes. Sony are quite welcoming of unique, innovative and new IPs, which are the exact types of game that scare away the other publishers in the business.

So who will publish their games? Sony offers a lot of freedom and allows developers to make the games that they want to make, no other publishers allow that same amount of creative freedom, and I'd hate to see great ideas stifled by suits who want to cater to current trends and such. I mean how would Journey have turned out if they'd had EA or Activision calling the shots? I shudder to think.
MariaHelFutura  +   1166d ago
Ill buy their games on whatever platform the are released on. Love the developers, not the console. They developers they (Sony) own and work w/ are why I love Sony, the platform is just the medium it comes to me on.
MrMister  +   1166d ago
It's just not that serious man. Perhap's you getting a life, is in order?
SeekDev  +   1166d ago
A game is a game no matter which platform it's on. Just because it's on another platform doesn't mean it isn't good. Going multiplatform means more time and money is put into a game, but it shouldn't necessarily degrade a product's quality. After all, it should be getting more sales from being on more than one console which should, in turn, produce more profits.
Jio  +   1166d ago
Anything Jenova Chen makes I'll buy. He's so new, yet he's already created amazing titles that can move people emotionally. He has a great future ahead of him.
KwietStorm  +   1166d ago
Shooter confirmed
xursz  +   1166d ago
Haha everyone knows only shooters reach the mass audience :P
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rezzah  +   1166d ago
I just hope MS doesn't pay for exclusivity rights in any way.
Fishy Fingers  +   1166d ago
From his comments it sounds like they're only interested in doing what they want. Through raising theyre own investment and being independent.

No direct reason to leave Sony, just to join MS. Unless it's for funding, which like I've said, they've raised themselves.
Jdoki  +   1166d ago
Jenova Chen: next game should reach "mass audience"
...So it's an FPS in a near future setting then???

xursz  +   1166d ago
Either that or a dance game!
grailly  +   1166d ago
I just hope that by mass audience he means that it could be downloaded anywhere very easily, not that he wants to make a very accessible game.

I like the fact that flower and journey aren't that acessible to casual gamers, you need some king of "gamer knowledge" to understand what's going on.
Reaper9937  +   1166d ago
@Laxman, nowhere in my comments did I say I don't play multiplatform games, that is absolutely ridiculous. All I'm saying is that I think each console/PC should have exclusives because that is what differentiates them from one another.

Some guys who comment on N4G are way to serious.
KaBaW  +   1166d ago
There are far more ways to differentiate the different consoles..
For example, the look of the console or perhaps more hands on .. the controller.
Not buying a certain game cause it's not exclusive is actually more ridiculous.

Some companies need to release their game on multiple consoles, to make a profit.
If you enjoy (or, like what you see) than it shouldn't matter where you can buy it.
Not to mention each console has there own set exclusives, so their goes your ideology.
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Hicken  +   1166d ago
There ARE a lot of other ways, but the single most important one is exactly what Reaper's talking about: games.

Personally, I don't mind if the game is on both systems, or all systems, or whatever. But when you're debating buying a console, the different games you can play are a factor; they make the system worth having, and worth keeping.

After all, what's the point in keeping a system when all the games on it are exactly the same as another system's library, but the other system has games you can't play on this one?
KaBaW  +   1165d ago
@Hicken -
Games are only a important factor on which console you'd rather pick up first.
In my opinion, anyway. There are great games to play, regardless of exclusivity.
Exclusives don't necessarily make a game better; or, a 'must have' title.

I'm not disputing games that are only on one console, that is important.
It's also nice to have that luxury. But, when you own both.. does it matter?
If you can buy any game you want, does it matter if a game is exclusive?

It would then only matter if it's exclusive, depending on the other factors.
If you only own one console, than [to you] every game is 'exclusive' lol. (:
Y_5150  +   1166d ago
I never bought de blob 2 because de blob was first a exclusive game but the sequel is multiplat. I never bought it because I didn't have a Wii anymore. The Wii had (good) third party exclusives, just that the Move and Kinect took that exclusivity away...
I see where you are coming from but there must be a few exceptions!
the worst  +   1166d ago
the next game will bomb out
the next enslaved
StayStatic  +   1166d ago
When devs say "Mass" or "Wider" I instantly lose interest , just means something a monkey could play , like call of duty for example , "We like to reach a wider audience derp derp" , the wider audience are the reason for dumbed down crap that devs have churned out no end of this generation.

We need more challenging games and by that I don't mean turning up the AI's ability to 1 shot you unfairly.

Also don't offer me a god dam "HINT" when I'm figuring out a puzzle (yes uncharted as good as you are I hate this) , the mass audience is lazy , and saying which button to press at every turn is frustrating. How about letting the gamer figure it out , it is a game not a hold your hand till you reach the finish line experience.
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sly-Famous  +   1166d ago
Then dont make it downloadable only.
ginsunuva  +   1166d ago
The only other audiences capable of understanding their work other than on ps3 is some of the pc community and artists or art enthusiasts. They'd be wasting their time putting it on mobile or the other places
Raoh  +   1166d ago
Yeah cause going multiplatform worked out for Ninja Theory so well.

I hope they succeed in their next venture but it doesn't always work out when you try to branch out.

I could see it now.

XBOX gamers: This is the company PS3 gamers go crazy about? They suck, I have tons of better games on XBL, Sony can have these guys back.

PS3 gamers: Doesn't feel like a thatgamecompany game. Feels like any other game, maybe they sacrificed too much to go multiplatform to chase that money. Oh well we have (insert other indie dev working with sony) game out that is more enjoyable.

PS3 gamers (like myself) that want a Heavenly Sword 2 game don't even want Ninja Theory back. They can kick rocks, they too made a lot of statements about making more money with a broader audience.

It's not always greener on the other side.
Edito  +   1166d ago
The falling of another great studio for the sake of audience :( its sad really sad reminds me of INSOMIAC im not trying to be hater or something like that but i just can't remember of a studio who went multi and succeed... i hope they do...
neutralgamer19  +   1166d ago
Sorry to go off a little, but what does it matter if the game isn't exclusive anymore? I mean yes many games do suffer when they go multiplat (final fantasy) and dont look as good as when they were exclusives, but im all for other ppl who own diff. systems enjoying games from devs that use to be exclusive to one console. A good example was demon souls and then Dark Souls. Demon Souls was exclusive, but obvioulsy Dark Soul went multi and imo was just as good and a broader audience got to enjoy it.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1166d ago
I see some Sony fans hurt over this. From my understanding, I thought Download exclusive titles don't matter and it was retail games that mattered in the exclusivity market? There's no pleasing nor understanding some of you Sony fans? You say DL games don't matter and when a former Sony devs are solo it suddenly matters now?

As I said before allot of you Sony fans don't know what you want.
Hicken  +   1166d ago
What "Sony fans" are hurt? I've seen some people being a little silly(it wouldn't have to be a shooter to have larger market appeal than Flower, Flow, or Journey, despite how good those games are), and some people voicing genuine, legitimate concerns(Raoh, Reaper9937, jimbobwahey, PirateThom).

And this isn't a debate about exclusives, but about a developer's next moves. In some way, it could be good; but there are some risks involved, as well.

Also, get your facts straight: they were never Sony-owned developers, but were in a three-game contract with Sony. They could always make other games, but the contract said Sony got their first three games. That's different from Naughty Dog, for example, who can only make games for Sony.

We Sony fans know exactly what we want: great games, and lots of em. thatgamecompany has produced some gems, titles we're happy to brag about; Journey is my GOTY so far. If the quality of a developer's games could suffer from being multiplat, who would want that? And if it's a developer as talented as thatgamecompany is, you bet your ass we're gonna be worried.

Cuz we care about good games.

Way to turn this into a fanboy issue when none was there. Good job.
PirateThom  +   1166d ago
I'm worried about it. Not because of multiplatforn bur because going after a wider audience often means dumbing down in production terms.

Now they're using their own money, not a publishers, why wouldn't they target mass audiences with a shooter or something simple without the depth of their other titles?
XabiDaChosenOne  +   1165d ago
Should have stayed with Sony IMO and statements like this make me really uneasy about there next game. Flower and Journey are magic, lets see if the can keep the ball rolling.
DFresh  +   1165d ago
I really hope That Game Company sticks to downloadable games instead of big budget games because they can afford to take more risks and make more games.
Whatever game they make I'll buy multiple copies on PS3/PC.

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