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Submitted by sayedstafa 1328d ago | podcast

Out of Continues Ep 28: Will Nintendo Survive Next Gen?

Sayed Stafa invites Traithan back onto the show. They talk about the games they've been playing, Diablo 3 and Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty. Then onto the main topic, answering the question on whether Nintendo will survive next generation. Followed up is a couple of news pieces and listener feedback. (3DS, Diablo III, Industry, Next-Gen, Nintendo, NintendoLand, OnLive, PC, Ratchet And Clank Future: Quest For Booty, Team Fortress 2, Valve, Wii U)

Laxman  +   1329d ago
No matter what they do, Nintendo sell well. The Wii has almost 100 million sales, and people still give it s--t, but that doesnt stop sales. Nintendo are the one game company I can see as always being around.
insomnium2  +   1329d ago
Kinda reminds me of COD. Is Nintendo the COD of consoles?
sayedstafa  +   1329d ago
Will the Wii U be able to pick up the same demographics that the Wii was able to pick up? Can Nintendo duplicate the success of their hardware sales in this evolving market?
phosphor112  +   1329d ago
I don't think so. Especially with the giant confusion from those outside of the "gaming" circle. Example, Jimmy Fallon talked about the Wii U and basically said it was an Add On, I recall another source saying the same thing. People don't want an Add-On. I'm not saying that it is, but other than graphics and the controller, how is Wii U separating itself from the Wii? How is it separating itself from the PS3 and 360? I just don't see it happening.
Soldierone  +   1328d ago
Sony could tell you first hand, last generation means nothing.....

Nintendo isn't a god and needs to realize it. They need to keep the price down, appeal to the same gamers that jumped on, and do things right. Otherwise back into last place they go. The PS2 had outstanding numbers too, but that didn't help the PS3 at all....especially for the first two years....

I'm not saying the PS3 is failing, or the WiiU will fail. Nintendo just can't look at it as "we can't fail, we have numbers" or they will fail and who knows if they can pull through it (again).
phosphor112  +   1328d ago
Logic +1
aexler  +   1329d ago
Yeah, I'm torn on this. on one hand, I have a hunch Nintendo knows what it's doing. On the other, I have to wonder who their audience is anymore. Either way, this was a good podcast, and it should be interesting to see how this next generation plays out.
Jirachi  +   1328d ago
Nintendo has billons of dollars saved back even if wii u and there next console flops they will still be arround.
sayedstafa  +   1328d ago
Billions of dollars saved up? You sure about that? Because they've been doing pay cuts. A company taking pay cuts doesn't sound like they have billions in reserve.
PopRocks359  +   1328d ago

Could you PLEASE do some research before you comment? Oh, and doing a bonus cut is not nearly as bad as Sony laying off 10,000 people.
PopRocks359  +   1328d ago
I think the Wii U will find its audience. It may struggle at first but given some time I think it will sell more strongly. My reasoning for it is that a lot of core gamers don't feel the launch window is strong, but we know some good Nintendo core experiences are on the way.

Smash Bros. is in development, Retro Studios and Monolith are both working on something. So we'll see. I think the Wii U is in such a unique position that no one can really predict what will happen.
MadMen  +   1328d ago
WiiU will not do as well as Wii
live2play  +   1328d ago
so now youre gonna tell me that if the wiiu does not outdo or do as well as the wii...
it wont be a success?
live2play  +   1328d ago
i wonder what that says about the ps3 after the ps2
Traithan  +   1328d ago
The Wii's success was only in hardware sales. If you listen to the podcast you'll hear that the Wii did TERRIBLE in software sales (where 100% of your money comes from, especially when your online is non-existant). So yes, if the WiiU does not outdo the Wii (in software, where the money comes from) it WILL be a failure.
kma2k  +   1328d ago
Before the wii came out i thought "there is no way this is going to sell" & i ate my words i was wrong, here we are all these later the wii u is about to come out & im thinking "there is no way this is going to sell" but i learn my lessons, i fully expect this thing to sell better than anything available. Do i think it deserves it is another question entirely!
Zha1tan  +   1328d ago
ehhhh the wii has been out for some time, and well the wii U isnt really different is it? totally debatable but I have never bought any of their products recently because they dont appeal to me and releasing games on the wiiU on platforms which I already own is not going to make them competative.

They had one core exclusive this year and that was ZombieU and it didnt look like anything spectacular so I wont be investing money in it and nintendo land even as a kid i would think that just looks flat out lame.
sayedstafa  +   1328d ago
I agree with you. When I seen Zombi U, I thought to myself that Dead Space has real time item management as well, cept on the same screen rather than a separate screen. As for Nintendo Land, I doubt it will have the same appeal that Wii Sporta had. Everyone knows what a sport is, and it was easy to pick up the controller and understand how to play. No one knows what a Nintendo Land is, and the mini games they shown aren't going to appeal to those extra demographics that the Wii picked up, like the senior citizens that enjoy Wii Sports.
Zha1tan  +   1328d ago
Some rustled jimmies in here that disagree with reasoned opinions backed up by facts, truely immature lol.

Nintendo land looks like a more kid friendly version of Home not that I cared for that either.
a_adji  +   1328d ago
dumb, dumb, dumb. I guess tis guy did not see the report on the cash these companies have and thanks to the wii and ds even became the 2nd most valuable company in ASIA. i dont even wont to comment or justify reading past the title.

If it was Sony or MS and yes I have them too, but if it was them majority of people will be singing a different tune.

Why is it only in gaming that we need a demo of how things work etc but other electronics just do ads and we rush out and buy it?????
phosphor112  +   1328d ago
Want to know your problem? You didn't get past the headline. ;]
Traithan  +   1328d ago
You ever hear of the huge conventions like CES that demo their products first? Apple, Samsung, and even non-gaming Sony products go to conventions (or make their own press meetings, like Apple) and demo/hype their product.

Gaming is not the only one where we need demos, at all. You think the iPhone would be popular without Apple putting billions into hype about it? At least Apple broke some barriers with their devices...Nintendo (aside from motion controls this gen) not so much.
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wiiumomma   1328d ago | Spam
SKUD  +   1328d ago
Its been easy for me to live without nintendo this generation. I grew out of there major platform titles. Will have to wait and see if nintendo really steps out of there comfort zone and offer something different. The plummer just doesn't interest me anymore.
Traithan  +   1328d ago
More than any other comment, I agree with this. The Wii was kinda fun, but a gimmick. Now every console has motion controls. I have no reason to purchase a Wii U.

I think Nintendo would do a lot of good for themselves to not tunnel vision themselves into their current method of thinking. They should actually try to appeal to a more mass market, instead of Teenage Girls, Soccer Moms and Grandmas, as mentioned in the podcast. Their original IPs will only carry them so far.
omarzy  +   1328d ago
they will do fine. Nintendo is not going anywhere. I have no idea why all these Nintendo is going to fall articles are being released. "the wii u will not do as well as the wii" well this is not impossible to figure out. the sales that the wii got are not sales to beat, but sales to dream for. nintendo has stated that they will not sell the wii u at a loss. even with 30 million sales, they will not fail. you do not need a degree in business to have common sense. thinking nintendo will fail when they have 25 year old franchises that still have record breaking sales such as NSMBW that sold over 25 million with a formuala similar to what people saw 25 years ago. I have a hard time thinking of what kind of reasoning people have that Nintendo will go out of business because wii u will do worse than the wii. Game cube: 20 million sales, nintendo got profit up the butt. Nintendo will be fine. Companies that lose profit for the first time in the 30 something years that they company has been around do not leave anytime soon.
maniacmayhem  +   1328d ago
With the dominance of Sony and MS it will be hard for Nintendo to be a strong factor but for them not to survive the next gen? Ridiculous, they will...they just need to try extra hard this time around.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1328d ago
Anything is possible. Rome was around a long time then disappeared, Sweden used to terrorize the sea with there powerful Navy.

The name Sega used spark a charge of fear and anger in my (then) Fanboy Bones, but now Sega is a benign and respected friend from an era of rivalry. The Cold War is over Sega and Mario in the same game and it's beautiful...

So, yeah Nintendo could disappear. I love the WiiU and I love Nintendo but sometimes not event the best ideas can keep a company afloat.
Nonetheless, with as good as the 3DS is selling, even if the WiiU flops-hard; they could last another console Generation (5 years).
The only way I see Nintendo failing is if both of their handheld and home console fail.

Does not have to be at exactly the same time but very close in time to one another.
stragomccloud  +   1328d ago
People say this every generation since gamecube. Of course they will. Heck, Mario and Pokemon alone would keep the company in business forever.
mcbrid55  +   1328d ago
Hey guys, good podcast. Might wanna check the levels a little bit more before posting because there are some cracks from audible jumps.

I will say that you probably should get a critical voice to balance out your guys views. A lot of the topics you guys talk about come off very one sided. Having a discussion that is two sided is more enjoyable for an audience. Plus it will balance out the comments so people will be less likely to be negative.

For example. Keeping the wii-mote and nunchuck setup available for the WiiU could be a very smart move for Nintendo. People don't want to run out and buy a bunch of controllers. If a parent sees a next gen console where they already have accessories that work for it they could be much more likely to buy it.

Another example in the Nintendo Network. Of course Iwata said that the online experience will not be comparable to microsoft of sony's experience. Nintendo has never been about replicating a similar experience though. They always try to do something interesting and different from anyone else.

It just feels like both of you guys came to conclusions before the podcast started. Looking at these questions more critically from both sides is probably more productive and gain you better results. Keep up the good work, just make sure to keep evolving.
sayedstafa  +   1328d ago
Thanks for the input. I should have edited out the pops from my guests. I'll try to keep better note while recording in the future to prevent that from happening as much.

As for being one-sided, I do agree with you that a back-and-forth dialog is more entertaining than two guys agreeing with each other. I usually rotate between 4 other people as my guest host, and sometimes bring in a special guest every once in a while. I usually set up notes, such as facts and numbers if I need them, but I never rehearse before recording. So I don't always know what my guest's opinion is, but sometimes we do end up disagreeing. For example, my Mass Effect 3 podcast, my guest and I did not see eye-to-eye with each other.

Thanks for the input and your examples. Feedback like yours will hopefully allow the podcast to grow and mature.

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