New Dead Space 3 Details; cover system confirmed, universal ammo present

And things get worse and worse for Dead Space 3. Not only will this third part of Visceral Games’ horror franchise be more action oriented, but it has also been confirmed that the game will feature a cover system and universal ammo. Yeap, universal ammo: the one thing that destroyed the whole Deus Ex: Invisible War experience. Way to go EA.

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WeskerChildReborned2077d ago

Nothing i haven't heard before and the cover system was shown during the demo at E3.

princejb1342077d ago

I didn't know about the universal ammo till now
But dam dead space was one of my favorite franchises this gen and sadly I'm skipping ds3

WeskerChildReborned2077d ago

Already heard about it like a week ago. I think even before E3 came up.

Trebius512077d ago

Skipping DS3 as well. DS 1 and 2 were too good. 3 Sounds like a completely different good with my experience for now, not gonna sully it with this third installment that's just doing what made resident evil one of my more hated franchises when it used to be my favorite. Too action oriented and forgot its roots.

Solid_Snake372077d ago

What the f**k EA? Now you are going to destroy Dead Space too? Wasnt Dragon Age, Mass Effect etc. Enough?

lastdual2077d ago

Not sure if I'll skip it, but it's gone from a day-1 buy to a "let's wait and see".

After a few upgrades, Isaac was already nearly unstoppable. Pumping up the action and empowerment even more sounds like the opposite of what the series needed.

Mounce2077d ago

Yea :/ You know the funny thing though? Mass Effect 3 took the same route basically the Universal Ammo and all that(Can't remember if ME2 did too) but I know ME1 didn't.

Both franchises owned by EA of course, comically.

Watch, watch! The next Medal of Honor that comes out and its more future-oriented, it will use universal ammo too, Lol.

Disccordia2077d ago

Mass Effect always had universal ammo. ME1 even had infinite ammo. Maybe you were thinking of inferno and cryo ammo etc. Which were basically upgrades

Kurt Russell2076d ago

Universal ammo sounds crap on paper, but I for one am NOT skipping DS3. I have faith as there were plenty of changes in DS2 people weren't too sure of before they played it - and it turned out to be a brilliant game.

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fastNslowww2077d ago

Dead Space of War: Isaac's Fortune


The thought of it is making a grown man cry... :-(

kingdavid2077d ago

Everyone just get the new amnesia game coming out this year instead.

Frictional Games deserves your money more.

Brownghost2077d ago

Yeah they actually know horror

kingdavid2077d ago

This game pretty much sums up alot of whats bad about the gaming industry right now.

Resident evil is pretty much destroyed as well. I thought theyd gone back to the old roots with revelations (which i enjoyed alot) and then they showed RE 6. Less said the better.

tigertron2077d ago

I do agree with you but as Ridley Scott said about the AVP franchise recently, they did it because they're a business and they're only in it to make money.

EA recently said that they needed st least 5 million sales for it to be successful, and whilst I disagree with them and what they're doing to the franchise I do see their point.

EA are only in this for the money like Activision and they're annual installments of COD with no engine improvements etc. Its all about getting the most money and its just ashame that DS3 will loose part of its identity.

All I can say is that its a relief you can play the campaign as Isaac solo, but I do feel that the horror has definately been compromised as the game will have been built around the co-op system.

In my opinion, DS2 had the right balance between horror and action. It had enough horror to please fans like me and had enough action to please newcomers and create a tense thriller.

Lets hope that when DS3 comes out, it won't have forgotten the players that made Dead Space what it is. Dead Space sold because it was a survival horror. It was Resident Evil's replacement. Lets hope Visceral keep that in mind.


as a horror game, which is what I wanted when I originally bought into the Dead Space universe, I still love the first most.

The funny thing about DS2 was that the only really scary bit for me was actually when I had to go back into the Ishimura, I was more scared of the thought of it then any other place on the station.

tigertron2077d ago

I think the first was scarier but I still had to change my underwear every 10 minutes (thats a lot of pants) whilst I played DS2, but yeah, chapter 10 was the scariest (despite having the least amount of enemies) followed by the bit after the eye procedure with that Necromorph that kept regenerating.


I hate, and I mean I really really really hate those F"£%^king regenerating, F^"^king, F"^k generat..F£$"^king !!! Die, F"^"^king, F"^k Die, Die...

F"%^king hate them !!!!

Now that was what made DS such a great game!!

cemelc2077d ago


Yeah all those companies are in it for the money, but here is the funny part they screw your favorite ip you dont buy the game.

Dont help them reach that 5 million and theyll learn to mess with their ip.

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Fyflin2077d ago

I'm usually pretty optimistic when it comes to developers making changes in sequels but I'm finding it difficult to get excited about Dead Space 3.

After playing the first two I don't quite see why a cover system needed to be introduced to be honest. Hope this turns out decent because DS2 was brilliant.

KingsRemote2077d ago

AI partner? cover system? universal ammo?
at this point EA might as well rename it 'Gears of Resident Space3'

Sevir2077d ago

Online drop in drop out. The entire dead space 3 can be experienced solo if u wanted to do it that way.

Universal ammo... Not exactly sure how I feel but reading that all weapons from the last game make a return and can be combined to form new weapons with features gives credence to a universal ammo usage system.

Cover system... While the cover system isn't necessarily necessary, the inclusion of human threat, being the unitologist, makes it more understandae. If you really paid any attention to Dead Space 2 then youd see that it made sense the unitologist begin to establish a military power to protect themself and their religion of worshiping the marker and given Issac's involvement in destroying markers in the past, this inclusion of a military adds a third element to the conflict even moreso prevalent than past DS games....

And from what's been shown the cover system is only used when military gunplay is involved.

DS 3 doesn't look anything like gears. The brief 10 demo was only showing the 1st half of chapter 3. It isn't indicative of the entire experience. But just something that's also included to the total package.

Day and night cycles, blinding snow blizzards, dark tight corridors and more open less linear progression along with Dead Space 2's Hollywood setpiece moments will make up much of dead space 3's experience. And instead of me writting it off, ill be open minded enough to just wait and see and play the game Feb next year.

No sense in judging something I haven't played yet. Especially after just one 10 min action real highlighting new features and additions to the already established formula.

Kinect2077d ago

Its so sad that u put so much effort in ur post and all i had to do was click a disagree

Lord_Sloth2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

^ I dunno why you're talking down to any1 while sporting a name like "Kinect".

Sevir2076d ago

**yawns and stretches**

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