THQ Confirms Mike Tyson For WWE '13?

Paul Heyman has released another promo video of Mike Tyson. WWEGames' twitter page retweeted the video. Is this THQ confirming he's in WWE '13?

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kingofgames86u1502d ago

Hes only goning to be a manager

Yangus1502d ago

Mike Tyson one best fighter ever!

G20WLY1502d ago

This is great news.

And THQ must be very proud to work with a thoroughly nice chap like him. Clearly he deserves his fee, just ask any of his 'victims'...

Enigma_20991501d ago

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh... I see what you did there...

G20WLY1501d ago

lol I know, cheeky right?

No agrees though... tough crowd :-(

nevin11502d ago

2 fight night games and now this at this rate, he should out of debt.

all jokes aside, THQ, should that on making a better game

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