Final Fantasy 25th anniversary scans

Nintendo Everything: "A recent issue of Famitsu highlighted the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy. We’ve included the full scan set from the magazine in the gallery above."

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iamtehpwn2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

For being about the 25th Anniversary of the series as a whole, I sure do see a lot of Final Fantasy VII.

christian hour2164d ago

Yeah was thinking the same haha, this should be called "final fantasy 7's 15 year anniversary" famitsu special :P Though it was cool to see some production sketches compared to the final product, as well as the timeline near the start that gave a nice view of the series graphical improvements over the years.

IMO the series has gone so far from everything I loved about it this generation, I keep hoping on Versus 13 to come out and restore my faith but it feels like that games never going to be released.

lastdual2164d ago

Even if it does get released, Versus looks to go in a new direction rather than recapture the classic FF spirit.

I can live with that, but it would be great to have a new turn-based FF that combined the combat of, say, FFX with the exploration of FFVI. Unfortunately, Square seems to think we care more about pretty CG scenes...

guitarded772164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

I like seeing the timeline... it takes me back. I rented Final Fantasy (NES) for 2 weeks straight when I was a kid and beat it. Then I mowed lawns during the summer so I could buy it. I've played just about every FF game since then (exception XI and XIV), and while there's been some bumps along the way, it's still one of my most beloved franchises ever. I hope Vs gives us something great, because XIII was not a Final Fantasy game as far as I'm concerned, but XIII-2 wasn't too bad (still not great).

fr0sty2164d ago

25 years... I remember playing the first one.

*feels old*

christian hour2162d ago

FF came out shortly afetr I was born, happy 25th anniversary, me! :D

TopDudeMan2164d ago

Well, VII was a high point for the series.

tweet752164d ago

im really hoping for a FF compilation in HD with every final fantasy

NukaCola2164d ago

I wish they'd release a Dissidia on PS3

Nerdmaster2164d ago

I would like it on 3DS. This game would really benefit from 3D depth.

TopDudeMan2164d ago

I'd like to see an old style ff game, like 5 and 6 remade so that it plays like the ff4 remake they did on the DS, but for the 3DS. That was an awesome remake, and it played like a PS1 era FF game, which in my opinion were the best.

Tr10wn2164d ago

@nerdmaster you do really play the 3DS with the 3D on??? i mean thats the whole point of the handle but i cannot play any of the games on 3D it look horrible IMO.

Treian2164d ago

it's Final Fantasy V 20th Anniversary. I want a remake so badly of that game.

WildArmed2164d ago

The remaining 'oldies' need a remake like they did for FF4 (Man the complete collection was awesome)

Squall50052164d ago

I just want a Final Fantasy game that will let me control all of my squad. Turn-based á la FFX.

Roccetarius2164d ago

Did you play Lost Odyssey? That's pretty much the FF game of this generation.

MiyagiSPG2164d ago

I'll sound like such a fanboy but Lost Odyssey's not Final Fantasy :(

Speaking of FFX where's the HD/Remake of it :)?

WildArmed2164d ago

Lost Odyssey was a great game. Wish it was released to a wider audience, then the game coulda done well enough to warrant a proper sequel

belac092164d ago

lost odyssey was AMAZING. i wish they would put it on the ps3 too.

Jazz41082164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

Lost oddesey or any mistwalker game wil never grace the ps3 the company has publicly stated many times that they had a falling out with Sony and do not want there games on the platform. I guess money talks so I should say never but I'm just quoting what the godfather of final fantsy has stated many times about Sony. As far as vs's goes I hope it does stay on the ps3 so when it finally does come out and bombs I won't have to here how ms has ruined final fantasy when its clearly square that has done this to themselves. There has been a ton of rpgs this gen on 360 and someon ps3 that kill final fantasy anyways and Lost Oddesey is one of them and I'm sure last story will be great as well and I would love to see a 360 port of that game since mistwalker favors ms as a platform over he ps3.

Outside_ofthe_Box2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

***"As far as vs's goes I hope it does stay on the ps3 so when it finally does come out and bombs I won't have to here how ms has ruined final fantasy when its clearly square that has done this to themselves."***

Wait... is your reasoning for wanting VS to stay on the PS3 is because you expect it to be a bad game or do you just don't want people blaming your console of choice as the reason why VS is bad or is it both... hmmm based off of your comment history the answer is clear...

Edit: FYI nobody is saying that MS is responsible for ruining Final Fantasy. All the SquareSoft > Square Enix comments and all the there hasn't been a good FF games since FF10 comments makes that absolutely clear...

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