Look at Pokemon Black/White 2's events and screaming men

Why can't American TV shows about gaming be like this? Watching adults dress as Pokemon, scream about Pokemon, and get into terrifying amusement park rides (presumably) for the sake of Pokemon is better than 99% of G4's programming, or any other Western TV channel for that matter.

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Snookies122133d ago

Japan... Land of the greatest things ever... This is normal for them.

DarkBlood2133d ago

because canada and america like to think they are mature or something who have no fun

Jirachi2133d ago

The reason is it wouldn't work here is people assume cosplaying as an animal makes a furry.
And for some reason some people hate furries so much they want them to die(i should know i am one.) america,were people say there open minded but usally there not.

AWBrawler2133d ago

I wish we had programming like this

Y_51502128d ago

The ending of that video was hilarious! That guy screaming and pokemon haha!